Catching Up

It’s been several months since I’ve done any blogging.  It’s been a very busy six months, quite frankly.  I seem to do much of writing these days in snippets that are more suitable for Facebook or Twitter than the extended articles I used to write on this Blog.  I actually toyed with dropping the blog altogether when I got the bill to renew the domain, but after thinking about it for a few days, I decided to leave it up — at least for 3 more years, which is the term of my renewal.  I’m not as sure that I have anything all that worth reading any more, at the same time, I often joke that if I didn’t write from time to time, I’m highly likely to just simply burst into flames.  It’s one of my primary outlets.  I’ve been enjoying the give and take one gets on the social media sites which has pushed blogging toward the background across the internet, but I’m still gratified that several hundred people wander across the blog on a typical day and scan the archives and often still leave comments.  So, at least for now, I’ll stay blogging and perhaps trying to apply a bit more discipline to it as well.  Facebook is easy for me as I have a strange habit that keeps me focused as I’m grading my papers for my job as a graduate school professor for Liberty University (Seminary).  Reading 20-page papers on the same topic over and over again gets quite monotonous, so I generally give myself a “Facebook Break” every five papers or so while I’m grading and it helps make the time go by faster and keeps me fresher.  If you’re one of my Facebook friends, it’s always easy to tell when I’m grading papers (or eating lunch) as that’s when I tend to pop up a lot of nonsense on my wall. 

But this HAS been a busy year thus far.  I accepted the position of Executive Pastor at Life Fellowship Church in Cornelius/Davidson/Huntersville, NC last Spring and we have relocated from Lake Lure to logo.pnga nice house that we’re renting in Cornelius.  The church is growing quite rapidly and I’m busy organizing various facets of the ministry and producing policies and procedures in addition to overseeing the education and small group portions of the ministry and managing the staff.  Because this is a church plant, much of what I’m doing involves starting from scratch.  Those who know me, know that administration comes naturally to me, so I’m having a good time and feeling fulfilled.  I have an awesome boss and lead pastor, Dr. Bobby Conway aka “The One-Minute Apologists” and his meaty and extended sermons each Sunday never fail to challenge me thinking and my living.  We have a great team of staff, elders, deacons and church members and we are blessed to be in this ministry.

familyphotowedding.jpgThen the summer was spent planning and celebrating the wedding of our oldest daughter, Megan, to a fine young man, Justin Mook, on July 23rd on the shores of Lake Lure.  It was a very warm, but beautiful day and the setting was incredible.  We had friends from as far away as Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Florida, Virgina, justinnmegan.jpgMissouri, Washington, DC and elsewhere joins us for the special day.  I know I’m biased, but I think Megs could not have been more beautiful.  She and Justin (and the rest of us) had a genuinely wonderful time.  Our photographer, Jean Moree, did an outstanding job.  The catering was done by our friend, Rhonda Tate, and as always it was just incredible.  Our friends, Dave and Diane Matthews from Lake Lure did much of the design and decorating.  Our long-time friends from Oklahoma, Bob and Brenda Byers drove all the way here and served as special coordinators and just went above anything we could have ever imagined in helping us pull of the day — we’d have been a mess without them.  Julie and I both were so gratified and honored to have our siblings and their families, my mom, Julie’s Uncle and Aunt and my Uncle and Aunt and many other special neices and nephews and even a couple of great-neices and nephews join us for the day.  Our special friends, the Toros, the Meldrims and many other former juliememegskiss.jpgchurch members also joined us.  It was just a great day of laughter, tears and reconnecting.  Justin’s family are just wonderful (he has 5 brothers and sisters and his dad is just completing his law degree at Liberty University) and we enjoyed getting to know them better as well.

This fall is equally busy.  I’m leading a capital campaign to raise the funds for a 17-acre parcel of land in Cornelius for a future-site for our church.  We also launch a brand-new third worship service at our school site this week-end which I’ve been coordinating.  Josh and Katie are back into the homeschool routine with Julie.  Megan and Justin live one exit away from us and are settling in to married life.  Nathan is working for a company that requires him to travel basically non-stop all of the USA.  In a few weeks, Josh and I are heading to Nevada, Arizona and California for his 13th birthday trip (yes, I realize its 18 months late, but we’ve had an interesting couple of years).  We’ve put our Lake Lure house back on a nightly rental program and that took some work on our part as well.

So…that’s what’s new with us.  Start checking back here if you would and I’ll start putting up some thoughts and articles.  A new feature I’ve decided to start is called “Blog Grafitti” and will consist of some of my tweets, status updates and miscellaneous thoughts that are generally going to be very brief snippets.  If you want to follow me on Twitter, connect with me at DanBurrell and of course, if you’re on Facebook, I’d love to connect there as well.

Stay tuned and buckle your seat belts.  You know I rarely post stuff that doesn’t poke at the way people think.  Let the discussion and debating take off!

4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Gonzalo

    Glad to see you are doing well Dan. I am a current NTBC member and many of us still miss you and your family. I just wanted to support your decision to keep up this blog. Many times blogging comes from the heart not the calendar. I would rather not see any blogs from you for six months because you did not feel like doing it than reading a blog from you everyday just because you had to.

    The best to you and your family
    Gonzalo and family.


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