Quite the Parody of What Church has Become for Many Today

I always said that today’s CGM/Contemporary Church has as much potential to become a caricature as did the polyester-suit/pompadoured pastors and the first/second/last-stanza hymn singing of the past did.  Well, here it is.  Funny video HERE with some interesting irony unintentionally included.

3 thoughts on “Quite the Parody of What Church has Become for Many Today

  1. Truthinator

    This video is a hoot. It reveals the honest truth about the plastic “church formula in-a-box” movement. It is all about the style & the performance and not about God’s power and sovereignty. This stuff is FAR more silly and rediculous than the old pompadour-haired polyester preachers IMHO. Here’s how I got there:

    I grant to you that schiesters and charlatans have always been around. In my experience however, many of the older style preachers were sincere and well-studied in the Bible. As a matter of fact, I remember being in many meetings where leadership discussed what changes could be made in order to prevent becoming stale and/or predictable in style so that the word of God would not get lost in the practice of holding a service.

    Compare that type of thought to the narrow minded style-driven madness of today where adherence to the word of God is near the bottom rung if on the ladder at all. We see a very Arminian type of “unless we wow them with our style” and “show them our new & improved milk toast Jesus” we will not get their decision (intellectual assent only).

    Where men once studied the Bible, master church planters of today are better versed in Ries & Trout, Peter Drucker, Carl Jung, Rick Warren, and Robert Schuler than the Bible. Being separate from the world has been replaced with “how much like the world can we possibly be” thinking.

    While spurgeon was chided by his contemporaries about preaching to the elect, people today are not familiar enough with scripture as to know whether there is an elect or what that might even mean. Yes, the situation we see today is far more silly and frightening that the old poly & pomp preachers…

    Thanks for listening to my $0.02. Have a blessed week!


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