A Witness to a Crime becomes Pro-Life

abortion1.jpgIf everyone could see for themselves what goes on in the holocaust mills of America’s abortion INDUSTRY, millions more would suddenly realize that what they are observing is cold-blooded murder of a real human life. This is exactly why America’s abortion mills are under-regulated, shrouded in political protection and evidence of the violence committed in them is censored for the American public. We’ll publicize the beating of baby seals or the slaughter of chickens as barbaric, but no one dares show the dismemberment and atrocities of a human abortion.

Read about it HERE.

19 thoughts on “A Witness to a Crime becomes Pro-Life

  1. Jonathan

    I’d like to know more about this picture. Is it from a partial birth abortion? Was it taken out of a dumpster? What’s the story here?

  2. rebekah

    “In the first 12 weeks or so of pregnancy, doctors can use a simple suction procedure. After that, the surgery becomes more complicated.
    Dr Spencer opens a fresh pack of shiny instruments. He’s an extremely calm, softly spoken man, which somehow makes his words all the more devastating. “The foetus can’t come out in one go. We haven’t dilated sufficiently for that. The foetal parts are soft enough to break apart as they are being removed…”
    In other words, he has to dismember the foetus inside the uterus and pull it out, bit by bit. He uses an ultrasound scan to guide him. Even then, some body parts are too large to come out intact.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-487377/What-REALLY-happens-abortion-One-surgeon-finally-tells-truth.html#ixzz0Vx7anUOW

  3. Sean Blair

    I’ve never seen something like that, how can someone dispute that the baby in that picture wasn’t living individual?

  4. Dan Burrell Post author

    That can’t Sean….which is exactly why the pro-abortion supporters will do their best to keep from letting photos like these out. Once anyone sees the “product” of an abortion — they simply CANNOT deny that it is murder. It would be like seeing the photos of corpses stacked outside of Auschwitz and denying there was a holocaust.

  5. madelyn

    This is Cold blooded murder what people dont realize is that not only that child cries out but a whole generation that will never be b/c of one choice.. there will come a day soon and very soon that those of you that have chosen that route in life will answer b/c to god life is so precious and by doing this it is like slapping him in the face and saying not good enough and those of you that keep doing this one day you are really going to want children but guess you arent going to beable to have any …..What goes around comes around your mother chose tho give you life why cant you do the same …how would you like for someone to tape your mouth shut stick scissors in the back of your head and suck your brains out ..now that wouldnt feel very good would it

  6. Monica Calderin

    I was shocked when I came upon this photograph. I guess it took me by surprise. I have never seen anything like it. As a mother of three boys, this image was very disturbing and made me sad. I don’t know how those doctors (or so they call themselves) sleep at night. What kind of moral could they possibly have. I suppose none!!!

  7. Tawnie Hester

    If any one was shown this picture and told a woman did this after that baby was born, they’d lock her up for life on murder. But no, tell them this is how abortion looks and they say oh well it’s her choice. IT’S ONLY MURDER WHEN IT’S CONVENIENT FOR THEM. HYPOCRISY AT IT’S WORST!!!!!! I cried when i saw this picture and I went and picked up my daughter, only a toddler, and told her “Your the best choice mommy ever made!” How can a woman look down at this and not have her heart torn out? IS it so unreasonable to ask to carry out a child for 9 months and give it up? Nine months and never see the child again there are so many alternatives than this. Look at HIM, HE’s a child HE was breathing HE had a heart beat!!!!! and someone ended it and walked away scotch free!!!! GOD said vengeance is His and believe me He has a special place in Hell for people who shed innocent blood!!!!

  8. mary

    i think that there are many reasons why woman do abortion…. I think that we should understand those woman because many cry every night thinking of what they have done and some of them want to go back in the past and have not make that desicion they made so i think that there should be a very good decision able to do this also there are many woman that are force to do abortions… and i was one of them know that i remember the day i had abortion think that it was the stupid thing i have ever done

  9. pro-choice


    1. Rape victims.
    2. Ignorant parents not putting child up for adoption & treating them like animals. (not everyone knows everything like you people seem to)
    3. Parents collecting aid for each mouth to feed, and not feeding them.
    4. Child being put up for adoption, has potential for psychological trauma/abuse.
    5. Children are quite keen at detecting when they aren’t wanted.
    6. Child abuse.
    7. If you don’t have a clinic, you have a coat hanger in a back alley waiting.


    9. If you want to be anti-abortion so bad, fight for real sex-ed in the classroom. Many abortions come from not using proper protection.

    10. Stop using ‘scare tactics’ I could tell you plenty of stories about how there are mom’s who were forced to have the children of their own fathers, and drowned them in the bath tub. Unprepared mothers and fathers who abandon their children screaming in dumpsters, poison them, burn them, beat them, sell them. Where are your pictures of abused and mutilated children with a nice caption reading “at least I wasn’t aborted!”
    11. You do what you want, but don’t push it onto other people. If you get raped and want to keep the child, go ahead. Don’t tell someone else that they need to though.
    12. If babies go to heaven, and your demon abortion-people go to hell, case closed right?

    I do understand where you’re coming from. But where do we draw the line? Should we be able to use plan B then? Is sperm a thing not to be wasted either? Its a matter of personal opinion and personal beliefs. Even among anti-abortion people you can’t come to a clear decision about that line. I don’t believe a person should be aborting a child after the first trimester, but I’m not going to wish I’ll or call upon my god to cast judgment on someone who doesn’t adhere to my beliefs.

    You people need to stop taking yourselves so seriously. There is no game book, no book of universal law. Try to do what’s right, try not to do what’s wrong, and don’t worry so much about what the guy next to you is doing.

  10. Dan Burrell Post author

    Sigh….backatchya, Ang. Your arguments are really quite shallow and poorly conceived (no pun intended.) Let me quickly dismantle them….

    1. Rape Victims — So you suggest we should make two victims where only one victim existed previously by murdering the violently conceived child. I personally know of several people who were conceived by rape who are grateful that their mother loved them for who they were, not for who their sperm donor was.

    2. If Ignorance was a disqualification for parenthood, there would probably be no parents. If your logic is to be followed through — let’s go ahead and gas all the little buggers who have ignorant parents. Absurd.

    3. Parents collecting aid and not feeding them should be thrown in jail. Don’t murder the victim. (Seriously — you truly think this stuff is grounds for infanticide?)

    4. Tell my four adopted kids that they were traumatized. What a bogus and cynical argument. Millions of kids have been wonderfully taken in by generous and loving parents and you want to use one or two miscreants as justification for murder? Again….absurd.

    5. So what? If you are unwanted, you should be dismembered? What about people who can’t have children — they WANT them.

    6. What does “Child Abuse” have to do with anything. BTW, abortion is the ultimate act of child abuse. Take another look at the picture above.

    7. So what? Should we go ahead and have Euthenasia Centers because old people are going to die shortly anyway? Again — you make no sense at all. You’re ranting without basis.

    8. Baby’s Body — No choice? Who will speak up for the voiceless and the innocent. Obviously, not you. You are too self-centered changing “My Body; My Choice”. Nice attitude.

    9. Most abortion occur because of promiscuity, not because of “lack of protection”. What a stupid statement. Those who have abortions do so for selfish reasons — otherwise, they’d “parent” their “inconvenient truth” or they’d let someone who’d love to parent that baby do so.

    10. Scare Tactics? What scare tactics. I just posted a picture. So because some children were born and abused makes it less awful to dismember a child before it’s born? You make ZERO sense.

    11. So, I should just shut up. Freedom of speech, opinion, debate doesn’t apply to me if I’m pro-life? BTW….you just told me what to do. Does that mean you’re wrong too?

    12. No. Again….absurdity is not a debate tactic.

    I have a perfectly clear “line” on the abortion issue as does the vast majority of so-called “pro-life” people. Conception = Life. End of discussion. So you are OK with aborting a child that is three months from conception, but not four months? So even YOU have a moral line. We are no longer debating whether or not abortion is wrong — we are debating the point in time when it becomes wrong. Hmmmmm…..

    Where did I call upon God to cast judgement on someone who doesn’t adhere to my beliefs? Exaggerate much?

    I do take this issue seriously. As seriously as if someone wanted to murder any one of my four adopted children. By speaking up for the unborn, I’m trying to do what is right — which is speaking up for those who have no voice.

    Seriously, you seem unhappy, angry and bitter. Ask yourself why sometime and write me back.

  11. Sharon Wilde

    Dan, I am totally heartbroken and destroyed seeing these pictures. Just cannot believe this is going on. I just had my precious daughter August 22, and so glad I did. How can these people knowingly wake up every day, knowing there is a little life growing inside of them, depending on them, and in some cases feel the baby inside of them, and go and kill the human being?????

    P.S. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! on that last post. RIGHT……ON….THE….PULSE

  12. Erica

    Abortion is a horrible, horrible thing. No debate there. The problem is that sometimes it is the lesser of several possible evils. Dan, it’s wonderful that your children found loving parents and a good home to grow up it. They are the lucky ones. I work in the foster care system, and I can attest to the fact that many, if not most, children remain unwanted and unloved for the rest of their lives. Many women choose not to abort because they plan on adoption; and when the baby is born they decide to keep it despite the fact that they are not ready or financially prepared to raise a child.

    Also, your claim that most abortions are the result of promiscuity is completely unfounded, untrue, and rather vindictive. Unintended pregnancies are caused by unprotected sex. Why is ok for a man to sleep around without using condoms, leaving who knows how many women pregnant and facing a life-harrowing decision without a second glance back? Why does all the blame fall on women?

    I’m not pro-abortion. In fact, I’m anti-abortion. But I’m also pro-choice.

  13. Dan Burrell Post author

    Erica….I appreciate your tone in your response. Some have been so ugly, I don’t bother to approve them. (This is a moderated blog. You don’t have to agree with me to get comments approved, but they do have to be civil.)

    I’m going to take exception to a couple of your arguments.

    1. Surely you are not suggesting that a child in foster care is better off dead (or aborted.) And if you say that they are better off aborted, then you are saying that they are better off dead (logically) and then we should begin asking the question as to at one point are they better off dead? First trimester? Last trimester? First year? Up until five? Once we make the decision that life is not sacred and we have the right to end it, then it just becomes a matter of how and when. Some in Europe are now openly suggesting killing young children with defects or living in extreme poverty.

    2. I do stand behind my statement that promiscuity is the number one cause for unwanted pregnancies. Sex is to be reserved for men and women in an exclusive covenant relationship. That is not impossible or outdated. I, and many others, have practiced this.

    3. I do not believe in the ‘double-standard’ for men that you seem to imply I hold. Men have no more business being promiscuous than women. Period. No double standard.

    4. Indeed there are too many children in the foster care — however, part of the reason that they are there is because of the red-tape, bureaucracy and legal-entanglement that permeates the “system”. Many of the kids are not adoptable. To adopt one of those that are, requires weeks of classes and often more expense that is anticipated. We began the process of adopting through the government system and found it to be more time consuming, ridiculously demeaning and just as expensive as going with a private agency. We were treated rudely and in a demeaning fashion by the social workers and we were both college-educated professional educators. We need major foster care reform in many states — but again, I still say a child in foster care is better of than a baby in a garbage bin in an abortion clinic.

    Now let’s discuss one other little ugly truth about the foster care/adoption situation. Many of the children are African-American and have become political footballs. There are activists who do not want A/A children placed with white families for adoption. I know of people who have tried, unsuccessfully, to adopt a black foster child because the official “policy” required that they be placed in a black home. That’s just so absurd.

    Every child is special and worthy of a chance, possesses innate value assigned to them by God and should be given a chance to grow up to meet their potential. EVERY child.

    We don’t undo wrongs by committing additional wrongs. And the “lesser of two evils” is still evil.

    Finally, let’s be serious — saying that one is “anti-abortion” and “pro-choice” is a bit like saying one is a “little bit-pregnant.” One has to decide — if life important, or not.

    I say it is.

    Thanks for writing.

  14. Erica


    Your argument is very convincing. To be honest, this is an issue that I find myself grappling with on an emotional and moral level. I grew up in a liberal bubble in one of the most liberal cities in the country (DC, where I still reside), and I was always unquestioningly pro-choice. (It’s always gone hand-in-hand with being pro gay marriage, anti-war, anti-death penalty, etc.) But I’m very aware of the fact that abortion ends a life. That photo is indeed horrific. (And for the record, I am VEHEMENTLY against partial-birth abortions and abortions so late in the development of the fetus as that one appears to be.) I’m rather young – 23 – and I have never been pregnant, nor am I ready to be a mother. But if I were raped and became pregnant as a result of that rape, the prospect of being forced to go through with that pregnancy is, to me, just as horrific as that photo. THAT is why I remain pro-choice. However, I absolutely respect and very much understand your opinion, and I appreciate your willingness to have a civil discussion with me.

    Also, if I may ask, what are you opinions on abortion when it is determined that the fetus will be born with something like Tay Sachs disease (in which the child lives a miserable, extremely painful few years before death by the age of 4 or 5?) I’m always curious to see where pro-lifers stand on that issue.

  15. Someone feeling sad

    i think this so nasty!!!! i would like to know more about this because the world needs to know what’s really going on. that murder is taking place and women all over needs to know

  16. Aravind

    People go for temporary excitement and happiness without any contraceptions.Thats the main reason for such horrific abortions.What will the foetus do for someones mistake.Such people should be punished severely as they do to a foetus


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