Back from Vacation

Well, to all of you who thought I’d died or quit or both, I’m back.  June and July were a wonderful mix of getting some work and projects done and taking some time off.  In a nutshell….

  • I had a great trip to C uba where I spent several days with my friend and ministry leader there.  He has been going through a tough few months and I went specifically to see him and be a friend to him and encourage him.  God is doing great things there and Satan is fighting it big time.
  • I took Julie and the kids back to my hometown of Moberly, Missouri for a week the cuzins.jpgfirst part of July.  I hadn’t been home in 2 years and the last time I was there, life wasn’t all that great, so it was good to be back to with my crazy clan.  We went to Branson, MO for a couple of days of Silver Dollar City and White Water.  Then we hung out at my sister and bro-in-law’s place where they have lots of room, a beautiful lake and plenty to eat.  The kids (even the big ones) love going there and shooting fireworks and catching turtles and swimming and doing “country things”.  My mom and sisters cooked up a storm and the weather was just perfect.  I don’t remember a better time.

  • I’ve been fighting a minor health issue for the last six weeks.  (Diverticulitis)  That has forced me to slow down a bit in some areas, but that’s been good for me.  I’ve got some tests coming up in the next few weeks to decide what they want to do with me.  On another health-related note, I went back to my Charlotte doctor for my annual physical.  Two years ago, he told me to make some major changes to my life and stress level or to start planning my funeral.  Two years later, my “numbers” are back to near sanity.  My cholesterol, which once had hit nearly 400, is back down to 144.  Sugar and blood pressure — formerly elevated, are now in the normal range.
  • I spent a week with Julie and three of the kids at our lake house in NC and again, the menjulie.jpgLord gave us incredible weather.  I really miss living in NC in the summertime — what a beautiful part of the world.
  • I was privileged to officiate at the wedding of Richard Houser and Samantha Hicks a last Saturday.  It is a wonderful reward of ministry to see young people grow up to serve the Lord and start a home for the Glory of God.  Richard and Samantha are both students at Boston Baptist College where I serve on the board and am also an adjunct professor.
  • Speaking of “professor” issues, I was blessed last month, to be invited to join the faculty of Liberty University (Seminary) as a full-time Associate Professor.  I work in the Distance Learning division, so I don’t have to relocate to Lynchburg and I obviously still have my other full-time job.  I love interacting with students and teaching, so this is a real blessing on several levels.
  • My pastor/boss, Dino Pedrone, underwent a hip replacement surgery earlier this month.  During his absence from the pulpit, I’m honored to be filling in for him in the pulpit of the Miami and Broward campuses on Sundays.  This week, I’ll be at all three morning services.  I’m preaching on  “Avoiding the Loss of What Might Have Been” from Matthew 25:14-30.

So, that’s where I’ve been lately and what I’ve been doing.  I hope to get back to regular blog posts in the next week or so.  I’m going to post one of my most popular humor articles as a repeat in a few minutes.  Enjoy!

One thought on “Back from Vacation

  1. Debbie Gunter

    Dear Dr. Burrell,
    I wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I enjoy your articles. I first remember hearing you at the FACCS Conventions in Orlando. I still think of you when I enjoy a PBJ. (One of your cassette tapes). My husband Tim and I graduated from Boston Baptist College years ago. We are thrilled to know you are impacted young people up there today. I am currently finishing a degree at Liberty Univ.Online and am happy God has opened a door for you there as well. I just came from an ACSI meeting in Orlando and heard Dr. Phil Johnson speak. He reminds me of you in many ways. We are considering a trip to Israel with him and our college age son this summer. I also enjoyed viewing your pictures from your trip. It encourages me to see how God moves people around to accomplish His work in these uncertain days. Keep up the work.


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