Phil Johnson Offers Great Thoughts on Biblical Masculinity

Phil Johnson over at Pyromaniacs has been dealing with the issue of the “sissification” of the evangelical church in a couple of articles and this is his latest article.  It’s thought-provoking and substantive.  Take a look at it HERE.

One thought on “Phil Johnson Offers Great Thoughts on Biblical Masculinity

  1. Steve Walton


    1) I know Phil is trying to make an underlying point, but I hate it when people use generalizations and “hard-to-take-seriously” stereotypes when they are trying to say something serious. i.e. beer, stogies, “Going out into the woods with a bunch of other men, putting on war paint, making animal noises, telling scary stories around a campfire, and then working up a good cry might be good, visceral fun and all.” All characterizing the type of men who are letting the church become “unbalanced” with women. Please state your point without sounding like an idiot.

    2) “Feminizing the church” through “sissification.” = Two bad choices of words(?) that make Phil sound like a male chauvinist.

    3) I love it (sarcastic) how Phil includes “personal relationships, dealing with your emotional hurts, learning the various “love languages,” and other forms of sensitivity training” all as “feminine themes” that are apparently “making the situation” of feminine domination in church “worse.” God forbid that men be sensitive.

    4) I totally agree that men need to stand up to their role (in and out of church). The same way that I think woman need to step up to their role in and out of church. The issue is the growth in maturity wherever and to whomever it is needed. Not that the vast majority of evangelical men are becoming sissies and therefore we have an overpopulation of woman in the church. I think this guy just has a problem with the role of woman in the church. Do I believe there have been instances where men needed to step up in the church? Yeah. But I am also totally in favor of allowing woman to have church roles which they are gifted in, and have an ability to be effective.

    I took a look around this guys blog a little bit, and got a bad taste for what he has to say. He seems to attack others in the same way he accuses others of saying things like “You’re the one rebuking young men for using virile language in church.” Well, he’s the Pharisaical one dogmatically attacking people in a unappropriated, unbiblical manner. i.e.- “Not Easy Being Green,” po-motivator posters.

    P.S.- What’s the whole deal with the “Pyro” theme. And the baby dressed in the shirt- seriously creepy.


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