On Cussing Preachers and Pulpit Sex Talks

I’ve weighed in on some of the trends of some of the young emergent pastors and their penchant for thinking that relevancy requires shock therapy, identification with the world and a lack of reverence.  I came across a blog article by Greg Laurie (hardly an example of irrelevant, Bible-thumping militancy) that says what I was thinking better than I probably could have said it.  Take a few moments and read it HERE.

2 thoughts on “On Cussing Preachers and Pulpit Sex Talks

  1. Anthony

    Personally, I think there’s more important things that we need to worry about other than what words they use.

    If a preacher gets people excited about God, and is excited to serve him and follow Christ who are we to judge what kind of language he used if he’s doing his job? I don’t remember seeing anywhere God didn’t like certain words in the English language. Cursing is more of a society-perception issue, than a religious issue. Don’t get them confused.


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