Listomania! #2 — What I Hope Is on the Menu at the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb”

great_banquet.jpgOK….you somewhat have to be a GUBA (Grew Up Born Again) to play this game, but for those of us steeped in the Christian culture from Pampers to Depends, one of the games we used to play as a kid (along with “Let’s Baptize Some Cats in the Wading Pool) was, “What do you hope we’ll be able to eat in heaven?

This is actually a “christianized” version of “If you were on death row, what would you order for your last meal?”

But there are some earthly treats (most of which are almost CERTAINLY not going to be found in the Promisedland Publix) that I’m really hoping are still available when we throw off these corruptible shells.

So today’s “Listomania!”  (you didn’t think I could stay “serious” for two consecutive lists, did you?) follows:

What I Hope is on the Menu at the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb”

1.  Sweet tea and lemon followed by Cuban Coffee

2.  “Mickey D’s” Quarter Pounders with Cheese and McRibs (Yep, I wrote it and I’m NOT ashamed of it.)

3.  Fried chicken (which will be the final evidence that Baptists were right about almost everything, because you don’t want to get between a Baptist and fried chicken)

4.  Julie’s Potato Salad (if I could get her to package that and sell it, I’d be living on Palm Beach)

5.  Creme’ Brulee and Flan (I know that sounds sissified, but don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.) 

6.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (with the option of making them into a DQ Blizzard)

7.   Asparagus  (No, I’m NOT joking.  I LOVE asparagus.)

8.   Steak — Medium rare, bright pink, corn-fed, mid-western beef, any cut will do.  (I’m guessing there’s not going to be any fresh meat in heaven, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.)

9.  South Carolina Peaches — (particularly from near McBee, the kind that are so juicy that when you bite down on them, the juice runs from your mouth off the end of your elbow before you can get your teeth all the way through it.) 

10.  Crab Legs (Everytime I watch “The World’s Deadliest Catch” I want crab legs for some odd reason.)

So what would YOU put on your menu request list?

16 thoughts on “Listomania! #2 — What I Hope Is on the Menu at the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb”

  1. Jeff M. Miller

    1. BACON!!!! The real thick, fatty kind.
    2. Cheddar cheese
    3. Cantalope
    4. Cherry cheesecake, two reasons: First, cheesecake is my favorite dessert, and second, w/ cherries because I found out I was allergic to cherries and other berries while eating cheery cheesecake at the BBC cafeteria. Nothing like not being able to breathe in the middle of your favorite dessert.
    5. Coffee
    6. Dr. Pepper
    7. Sonic’s Mocha Java Chiller
    8. All the stuff my Dr. doesn’t want me to eat because of cholesterol and blood pressure.

  2. Jonathan Charles

    I’m not sure I take the meal literally, but if it is, I want a sausage dog with a dill pickle spear on it.

  3. Ben R.

    I’m sorry that I have to say this, but the quarter pounder with cheese is WAY over-rated. To be completely honest, I wouldn’t mind if Carrabbas catered the whole thing.

  4. Ted


    I couldn’t help but notice your comment about “throw[ing] off these corruptible shells” on our way to heaven. Isn’t this very gnostic in that it suggests that the material is “bad”, while the good immaterial “me” is trapped inside this bad material “shell”? Doesn’t the Bible teach that my body is me as much as my soul and spirit are me? Rather than throwing off any “shell,” isn’t out hope in the resurrection — that is, the restoration of our entire being and especially our material bodies?

    What da’ ya’ think?

  5. Johnny Helms

    Yeah, real coffee, also. And french fries with those rolls that I used to like to eat with fries. And the perch and catfish I mentioned earlier, “all you can eat.”

  6. Dan Burrell Post author


    No, I’m not gnostic. Yes, I believe our future “glorification” restores us body, soul and spirit. No, I did not have my theological gears engaged (I blame it on the adrenal rush that the mere thought of food creates in me) when I wrote my little list.

    However, it is my “flesh”, ie…the corruptible shell… that tends to crave all that is unhealthy and I have a sneaking suspicion that nothing on my list — except perhaps the peaches and asparagus — will make it onto the menu, but then because of what has happened to the rest of me, I won’t care.

    But it’s still fun to dream, ain’t it?

  7. Ted


    I guess that’s my question . . . is it correct (biblical) to think of the “flesh” as a “shell”? Doesn’t the use of the term “shell” suggest that the “real me” is inside the “shell”? And isn’t that the core of gnosticism, namely that salvation is the release of the “real me” (the spirit/soul) from the flesh? Doesn’t Scripture teach that the so-called shell is in fact me, every bit as much as the spirit?

    And, along the same lines, does the term “flesh” in Scripture really refer to the skin and bones, or is it symbolic of the sinful me? In other words, isn’t my spirit/soul as corrupted by sin as my body? Isn’t all of me corrupted by sin?

    BTW, I’m looking for the nearest Outback in “heaven”. (Speaking of heaven, is it wrongheaded to constantly use “heaven” for the location of eternal bliss, when Scripture teaches that eternity will be spent on a new earth?)

  8. Jonathan Charles

    I believer that the New Jerusalem descending out of heaven to earth means that heaven and earth will all become “heaven.” I think I got that out or Robert Mounce’s commentary.

  9. Ted


    But 2 Peter 3:13 says we are looking for a new heaven and a new earth. Seems to be two different things, and seems to clearly parallel the language from Genesis 1:1. And Romans 8:21 says that creation is waiting for the day when it is set free from the curse. Isn’t this what is spoken of in Rev 21:5 when God says He will make all things new? In other words, the earth will be renewed. He’s not renewing heaven. He’s renewing earth so we can live there. And Rev 21:2 says the New Jerusalem will “come down out of heaven,” not that the earth will become heaven. And how is Israel going to get the Promised Land for an “everlasting possession” (Gen 17:8, 13:15) if they’re living in heaven? Plus, isn’t the whole point of having resurrected bodies the fact that bodies are needed for life on earth?

    If Mounce means that the new earth will be perfect like heaven is now, then fair enough. But I’m not clear on what is gained by referring to the new earth as “heaven.” Why not just call it what Scripture calls it — the new earth.

  10. Yekwanaman

    I enjoyed your blog. Found you through Rodney Price’s blog. He trained and mentored me for ministry back in the early 80′s

    I will test your knowledge of the low country of the Carolinas.

    The dish I want is Frogmore stew. When I eat that I feel like I am almost in heaven already.

  11. Mark Harrell


    You got it dude. Gen. 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the heaven (singular in the preserved text) and earth. Currently there are 3 heavens. There will come a day (Rev. 21:1) that heaven shall be singular once again; God will have completely dealt with the mystery of iniquity. The New Jerusalem will be the capital of the uncorrupted universe (the playgroud of the saints).


  12. Mark Harrell


    The real me is the soul, the spirit was made alive at the moment I received Christ as my personal savior, and the body was made corruptible by sin (Adam’s sin). We are meant to be a tricotomy and reflect the Godhead. One day we will reflect the Trinity in perfection (because of the atonement of Christ).

    Gnosticism teaches thwhole physical body is sinful, and that the true spirit self can one day attain a god status. They believe Jesus only came to show us how to release ourselves from our corrupted bodies — hence — they believe the resurrecton of Christ was only spiritual. Watch Pan’s Labyrinth for a how to on gnosticism.



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