Introducing “Listomania!”

lists-full.jpgI’ve always been a “list guy”. I work off a daily list of things to do. I have a list of 100 Things I Want to Do Before I die. (Which isn’t exactly accurate, because it isn’t all the way up to 100, but I keep adding and subtracting from it and 100 seemed like a good number when I first started doing this.) I speak at a lot of conferences and I’m always having people comment on my “lists” of ideas that I almost always include in my workshops. Back when I used to watch David Letterman, (I don’t any more) I always did my best to stay awake until he did his “Top 10” list each night. I collect Trivia books like crazy and my favorites are the books of various lists.

So, I am adding a new Whirled Views feature — Listomania! This will be a regular new addition of random lists ranging from the ridiculous to the serious — whatever happens to hit my mind as I pass through a moment of manic activity.

But here’s the game…. You get to join in. When I give me list, I’m sure you’ll disagree and want to add your own. So, feel free to contribute as often as you’d like. Note: This is a moderated blog, so it may take some time for your additions to be posted. But I’ll do my best to stay on top of them.

So watch for Listomania…. and join in!

One thought on “Introducing “Listomania!”

  1. Joel Tetreau

    Dan baby,

    Here’s a list for you. The top ten ways you know a ministry is a Type A fundamentalist church…..

    No, I’ll wait until later in the year. Perhaps I’ll make your end of the year “happenings” with that one.

    I share your “thing” for lists. Blessings on you bro. Will be in your neck of the woods in November (Lord willing). Maybe we can get together.

    Straight Ahead!

    Joel Tetreau


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