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Dear Blog Readers,

This morning, I announced my resignation from being the Senior Pastor of the Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC effective September 1st. For seven-and-a-half years, it has been my pleasure to lead this historic ministry that is filled with wonderful and loving people. But through a variety of circumstances, I have reached a conclusion that it is time for me to step away from the Senior Pastorate at Northside.

Human curiosity what it is, I realize that some will be dying to know if there is a story behind the story, etc… So let me clarify a few things. I was not asked to resign. The deacons did not initiate this at all — Northside Baptist Church has a fine group of deacons and I love them dearly and consider them friends. There have been absolutely no allegations or disputes involving ethics, morality, theology, philosophy or any such matter. My resignation is not effective until September 1st and Iplan on preaching each Sunday in June, taking my vacation in July as planned and then closing things up in August.

I told our church family this morning that it is our intention to say in Charlotte for the foreseeable future. Our oldest daughter will be a junior at Northside Christian Academy this fall and we want her to graduate from this tremendous school with her sweet friends. The church has graciously extended the time we can remain in the parsonage until we have some additional direction and we appreciate that deeply. I am and want to continue to be on the best of terms with our church and school and I look forward to being not simply a supportive NCA parent, but a help in any way our Headmaster, Mr. Kilgore would so request.

Our Parking Lot project is on auto-pilot and advancing quickly. Most of it will be done by the time my resignation is in place. We obviously have some more money to raise in the middle of this and I hope all of our friends and members will continue to give toward our goals. As I mentioned this morning, I will be fulfilling the commitment I made to the project and to our missions giving for the year as well. I made those commitments by faith and I have every intention of keeping them.

I plan on taking some time off to do some writing and exploring where the Lord might want to use me next. Planning to stay local for these next two years (and hopefully longer), is a priority for us, but as always, we will be obedient to the Lord’s will in all things. I enjoy serving as an adjunct at several schools and as the Lord gives me opportunity, I intend on continuing that. Beginning in the fall, I will be available for pulpit fill-in or special conferences for churches or schools should anyone be interested.

For now, I want my readers to know that I am content in the Lord’s grace, excited about a change of direction for my ministry, absolutely committed to using whatever resources and gifts I’ve been given for the Lord’s glory and intent on walking in the joy of the Lord.

I will keep my blog readers informed as to my journey as appropriate and I truly appreciate the frequent feedback I get from the thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of folks who read this blog each week. It is humbling and inspiring. I wish I had the time to be able to respond to every email I receive and do know that I plan on continuing “Whirled Views” as my little hobby.

Please pray for Northside Baptist Church during this time of transition. They will be looking for only their 4th pastor in 53 years. I am already praying for this man and the wonderful opportunity that awaits him.

I am not going to open this blog post up for comments as I will not be responding to any inquiries at all about my decision or on behalf of the church.

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