Major Changes of Leadership at Pensacola Christian College

At first glance, the big news around conservative Christian and fundamentalist websites, blogs and forums over the last week was the surprise announcement that Dr. Dave Jaspers had resigned from his role as President of Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown, WI. Dr. Jaspers has, by all accounts been a very effective leader for a college with a rich heritage and a reputation for being reasonable and balanced. I’ve never been on the campus and my main acquaintance with the college has been through serving on boards with it’s former President, Dr. Arno “Bud” Weniger and having had alumni as members of my church and staff over the years. You can read more information on Dr. Jaspers departure HERE and HERE and HERE.

But quickly over-shadowing the surprise resignation of Dr. Jaspers, was the announcement of the resignation of Pastor Jim Schettler of the Campus Church of Pensacola Christian College. Pastor Schettler was a beloved leader for the students at PCC and generally seemed to be one of the few leaders there who maintained a reputation for humanity and personal concern in an institution legendary for its cold, rigid methods of dealing with students, staff and any who would cross their founders or institutional policy.

Pastor Schettler followed Pastor Bob Taylor who resigned in the 1980′s to take a church in Indianapolis. The genteel and gracious Taylor left big shoes to fill, but the popular Schettler stepped in ably, first as interim and then as Pastor. He had previously served with the college and as the youth pastor for the Campus Church. He was watched by thousands each week on the college-sponsored television broadcast.

Professionally, he was always viewed as being under the shadow and control of PCC Founders Arlin and Beka Horton. Much criticism has been heaped on Schettler, the Horton’s, PCC and the Campus Church for the unusual role and governance of a church that was exclusively owned and operated by a college which in turn was exclusively controlled and operated by the Horton’s. Indeed, the Horton’s select the pastor of the Campus Church, make the decisions related to it and the pastor is an employee of the over-all PCC/BekaBook/PCA ministry. I’m not interested in hashing and rehashing the Biblicity of such an arrangement. I have heard Arlin himself explain the rationale for having a campus or ministry church. It is consistent with his personal philosophy of controlling the influences and philosophy of those who work for him and contribute to the ministry he founded. I, could never serve as a pastor of such a church, but then that certainly isn’t a basis for whether or not it was proper, acceptable or Biblical.

Schettler is, a genuine fundamentalist conservative. I don’t believe he would have remained for as long as he did, had he not believed in the core values and doctrines that guide the PCC ministry. In a ministry that has a reputation for eating people up and spitting their used up and spent caracasses unceremoniously to the side when they have served their usefulness or stepped outside the often arbitrary whims of the leadership, Jim’s long-term leadership there is really quite amazing. Apart from Joel Mullenix and a bevy of forever-single female administrators, there are really very few in the college who have survived that long. (Yes, I realize there are “some” — but I speak of the high profile folks.)

I was aware that Jim was leaving at the end of this year for several months and did not feel it was appropriate to divulge the information until he had made the announcement himself. You can actually hear what appears to be a privately recorded audio file of the resignation by clicking HERE.

As someone who has been personally blessed by Jim’s ministry as a graduate student, during my times speaking there, during casual fellowship and through limited other interaction, I wish him well. I believe he is getting ready to enter a most interesting phase of his spiritual journey as he, for the first time, ministers in a world that is not artificial in its context, nor nearly as intense in terms of its controlling forces. Having some idea as to part of the journey that brought him to this point of transition, I believe he will face some initial disorientation followed by a lot of joy and freedom in ministry that will be a blessing to him. I look forward to having our paths cross.

But at this juncture, I would also point out that Jim’s departure is just one more major leadership shift in an institution that has an incredible rate of turnover in its senior leadership. Not only did Jim Schettler resign, but of lesser attention was the departure of Dr. Matt Beemer, Vice-President of PCC and the man who had, by most accounts, received the promise of holding the keys to the PCC Empire upon the death or retirement of the Hortons. Beemer followed the unceremonious departure/dumping of Dr. Greg Mutsch who had previously held the future keys of leadership. Dell Johnson, the one who made a name for himself teaching Beka Horton’s KJV position, also left in short order.

More now than in many years, the future of PCC rests solidly on the Lord permitting the Horton’s an extended lifespan. There is virtually no successors on the horizon and those that are should be as nervous as the wife of Henry the VIII.

Some will, and have, accuse(d) me of having a vendetta against PCC. Indeed, I have not been afraid to voice my concerns and opinions about PCC and other Christian colleges in this blog. If you missed them, you can catch up by clicking HERE, HERE and

Such an accusation is simply not true. I have been on the campus many times. I have spoken there. I’m not ashamed to be an alumni from their graduate school.

I do, however, have issues with the hyper-control, unBiblical rigidity and lack of accountability that has damaged many good people over the years. I object to a philosophy that not only discourages debate and discussion, but punishes one for attempting to engage in it for any reason — noble or otherwise — with them. If you aren’t willing to swallow their positions in total, then you are an outsider, enemy and will be cut off. It’s just not right.

There was a day when I regularly encouraged students to go to PCC. I had plans for my children going there. Their facilities are the best, without argument, of any other Christian college in the world. The academics are sound. They have many good people and sincere servants associated with them. I know many fine graduates and am happy to employ several of them. The text books are good. There is much to appreciate about the ministry in Pensacola.

But make no mistake, there is something toxic in the atmosphere that exists there. We can only pray that eventually leadership will assume the reins of this great work who will lead it to a more healthy spiritual state that holds fast to sound doctrine, but also allows a measure of Biblical liberty in the exercise of one’s own faith without having to leave the institution they love to attend or serve.

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  1. Mike Hess


    I enjoyed your post. I have very little familiarity with PCC other than a few graduates that I know who are very solid and effective in their respective ministries.

    However, I have seen a trend with PCC along with other fundamentalist institutions that you and I would be quite familiar with – control, lack of biblical support for preference, demand for loyalty, casting out the road kill, and divisiveness in their spirit towards those who disagree.

    It will be exciting to see how Schettler does outside of the realm of the PCC world. I think he will be fine. Though I would part ways with Schettler rather strongly with his KJVO stand and regarding the doctrines of grace, I nevertheless believe that he is solid and will do well. Most who leave the walls of institutions usually do well with the liberty of serving in the local church.



    I was a student during what I would consider a major transition period. I personally saw Dr. Greg Mutsch, Dr. Johnson, and Pastor Jeff Redlin leave. Now Pastor Schettler and Dr. Beemer are leaving. Also I have heard a strong rumor that Dr. Bruce Hockema is also leaving this summer (Dr. Hockema is Dean of Arts and Sciences and Executive Assistant to the VP, as well as an awesome Math teacher). These are all men that I respect highly, and with so many leaving so quickly, it begs the question…why?
    There has been a lot of talk recently about PCC dropping it’s standards and trying to reach out to “today’s youth”, it makes on wonder if this true.

  3. PJ

    I was graduate in 2001 and you look familiar – perhaps I heard you speak while I was at PCC?

    Your post on the leadership changes at PCC seemed quite balanced to me. I loved the school, made great friends there, learned a ton, and it has prepared me well for professional life (I went on to get my MBA after PCC). Despite my love for the school, it really concerns me to see so many able and Godly men leave the school. I can only hope when my son is ready for college PCC will still be standing for the Truth.

    I like your blog – keep up the good work.


  4. This is Your Day(town)


    This is my first blog experience. I guess my PCC degree makes me afraid to be confused with “Student V”. No further comment.

    Just heard word of Pastor Schettler – as you stated, he was the heart of the college during my 4 years, also his wife and boys.

    I’ve got your testimony – raised Independent (GARB actually, so is that a conundrum). I remember your preaching a PCC – have the notes somewhere – I’ll be finding them. However, the Lord did lead me to pastor an SBC church – a wonderful one by the way – fully with youth pastor and even staff evangelist. Took the PCC road to the true “south campus”, a Miami-based convent Christian-school ran church. Learned much. Appreciated it. Now am SBC. And loving it.

    The “rules” were good for me – made me study my Bible – so no complaints on my account. But I could tell stories…girls’ yeast infections because of those ‘hose…computer searches, complete with pics…”shadowing” human beings…late night hospital runs after “failed” medical attention…pregnant preacher’s daughters…and on and on.

    Your blog has inspired me to write a letter to the Hortons, who I feel are decent and honorable Christian people.

    Here’s my primary reason: Scene – Hurrican Ivan – I’m on a “SBC” disaster relief team in Milton (no bridge), with two tractors and 16 trained relief workers. PCCI.EDU states “ALL’S GREAT – no help hear – PTL!” – campus looked great – meanwhile, teachers and town kids are required to be at school, while for instance, my friend’s wife and child are home in 100 degrees with no anything, including a decent roof. ABSOLUTELY no thought for ANYONE but THE IMAGE. I love the campus too, but this world is NOT our home – can’t take that with you, PEOPLE you CAN!!!

    1. 2005 grad--isurvivedIvan

      You remember a different Ivan than I do… I was there for Ivan my senior year. Yes, the college reported that things were fine on campus (though not without some damages and inconveniences) but considering the crazy reports that were floating around at the time they needed people to understand we were fine–if not just for the sake of parents. But I remember well students, faculty, and administration helping the surrounding area with cleanup and relief efforts. I remember students giving water that was rationed for them to people in the community. On every level there was a great concern for others. Classes were cancelled for a while, but most of us did have to stay on campus (though some did go home). There was a curfew set by the county anyhow, and the area was in no condition for mass traveling. Your assessment of Ivan at PCC is dead wrong. I just think people ought to know the truth.

  5. Law of kindness

    This is Your Day(town) said… something negative about PCC regarding Ivan, that they didn’t care for anyone else, just their image.

    I am no big fan of PCC, what they do right is good, what they do wrong, is wrong.

    But they did open their camp and campus hotel up to rescue workers and such like during and after Ivan.

    Fed them also.

  6. Belgirl

    I attended PCC for four years, went to graduate school and taught for an additional 3 years. I had an overall great experience at PCC and know many people who went to PCC and did as well. No, I don’t agree with everything that PCC believes, however, I will state, as I have always stated: No one forces anyone to attend PCC. If someone doesn’t like the rules, doesn’t like the philosophy, doesn’t like the belief system then LEAVE! Its a simple as that. I think the whole “PCC damaged me” philosophy is utterly ridiculous. People need to stop blaming the school for their own insecurities, their own baggage, and their own choices in life. Attending PCC is a choice. Its not for everyone and thank goodness its not–diversity and variety are what make the world go round.

    1. Paul

      @BelGirl: No, you can’t just “LEAVE” PCC when your parents are a bunch of lemmings that fall prey to the master of puppets that is the “independent” fundamental baptist vermin. They prey on the wounded with their guise of “service” to MY (hortons) empire of manipulation and coercion, therefore it’s best to have my children sent to an IFB school that will keep tabs on them to make sure they keep a teenager’s rebellion in check. PPC/BJU/PHC are the military industrial complex machine of the 1800′s white man puritanical victorianism to ensure the next generation of submissives are there to line their pockets of power. If PCC won’t keep you in line, then try a “New Bethany Home for Girls” that will be a literal lockdown prison of fear to break the will of youth.

      Hurray for the internet, where all that is done is secret is being brought to light.

    2. Northchick

      I attended PCC for two years in the early ’80′s with my two sisters. Thankfully, I transferred to an accredited public university, Miami University, in Ohio. Leaving is easier said than done. There is a saying of a man who abuses his women, “Hit her once and she’ll leave you. Hit her twice and she’s yours forever”. That is what PCC did to me. Abuse, take away all self worth to the point that there is no choice. Did I also mention the brain washing that occurred almost daily? I’ve lost count at the number of times I heard, “If you leave you are a failure”. Who wants to be a failure? People form ‘soul ties” and friendships and to be frank, don’t want to loose the relationships. In a way, they are golden hand cuffs that keep them chained. Years of investment – it is difficult to start all over when all one knows is the small campus area. Remember, it is a big, bad world out there. Restrictions on music, TV, books and for goodness sake the Holy Bible! How dare a person even look at a non- KJV Bible! So, with our thought life limited to the confines of rules and restrictions, how can one even begin to rationalize leaving the hand that feeds you. ((Lick)) ((lick)). Shame on you for not recognizing the abuse and cult like atmosphere. Oh God, there is much hurt and shame for being so stupidly trusting.

  7. Dan Burrell

    Hey Belgirl…You know, no matter how many times I hear it used, the ol’ “If you don’t like it just get out” response to people who have sincere disagreement over issues of Biblical and philosophical principle just always seems to be lacking in intellect and grace. But hey….if it works for you…

  8. Belgirl

    Its fine to have disagreement over Biblical philosophical issues. But with all due respect your blog seems to reflect a philsophy of “PCC puts a gun to your head and there is no way out.” Toxic? Not a word that was reflected when I was there for nine years. PCC is not for everyone. But obviously it is for some, or the college would fold. The college has grown by over 300% since I was there. As I stated in my previous post, there are several things I agree to disgree with PCC. Its been many years since I left. Agreeing to disagree and debating philosophical differences can be healthy–but attacking other Christians who are trying to do right (but obviously are not perfect) doesn’t sit well with me–especially from a Pastor. This is my main frustration with Christians–especially Baptist pastors and theologians. You all get so wrapped up in “dissing” each other (and PCC is not excluded from this–I realize) that you miss the big picture. Perhaps time would be better spent attacking schools like Harvard and Yale who do more to warp a young person’s psyche in one year, then all the PCC’s in this world would do in a lifetime. For not having a “vendetta” you sure have wasted a tremendous amount of time on PCC.

  9. patrick

    belgirl said: “Perhaps time would be better spent attacking schools like Harvard and Yale who do more to warp a young person’s psyche in one year, then all the PCC’s in this world would do in a lifetime.”

    i would have to COMPLETELY disagree with that statement. i believe that i could prove through examples that pcc is MORE dangerous than harvard or yale and pcc has definitely contributed to the screwing up of hundreds, maybe thousands of lives. if faced with the choice i would choose to send my own children (one day) to harvard or yale instead of pcc.

  10. c.yoo

    I stumbled across this page while googling Pastor Schettler and I wanted to bite my tongue concerning how the school dealt with students and parents when Hurrican Ivan hit the city. I was a student at PCC when it hit. About a week or two before it was suppose to hit the area, my best friend had called me to evacuate and she made it sound urgent and necessary…expressing the gravity of the hurricane. I was oblivious and had not been told of the hurrican by others until she had mentioned it to me. When I asked other students about it, they had no idea… the school did not let us watch TV unless it was for presidential elections and such, so we were cut off from what was really going on in the real world. Not wanting to disobey authority, I waited.. and I think it was a day or two before the hurricane, they notified us of the hurrican and took the whole chapel hour. He(I can’t remember who it was exactly… it wasn’t Dr. Beemer), just continued to tell us not to worry, not to call our parents so theyd worry, and that the buildings were built to withstand hurricanes. Very few people began to make arrangements to leave. Very few… I say few because to my knowledge, the only people that left after hearing that chapel message were my friends. The school told them they’d get demerits and that they wouldnt be excused for the missing class dates, but they left anyway. Thinking about it, I wanted to leave too, but because I wanted to obey authority, I grudgingly stayed at the school.
    The hurricane experience?
    Horrible and poor-planned.
    We were all crammed in classrooms with no walking space, we all felt claustrophobic, they gave us frozen meat, and not very nutritional food. Yes, some of those might sound trivial, but when you are actually in a hurricane, and that’s all you have to eat for days with no space to move around nor any bathroom privileges, it is hard for you. I’m a pretty tough girl. I’ve been to Africa where there is no airconditioning, my automobile broke down in the middle of nowhere in the hot scorching sun, I’ve had to eat insects so they wouldn’t be offended.. I mean, I don’t need a 5 star hotel room or luxury. But the hurricane experience was mentally disturbing. Especially the way they treated us and again, the poor-planning. There were incidents where it seemed like they were treating us as animals. They wouldnt let us use the restroom(which is understandable, but did they not have a better plan than to make us wait which is detrimental to our health?), they would not give us any information, and they practically treated us as animals. And when the hurricane finally hit us, I felt the whole building and the pipes right below the carpet that we were laying on shake. It was horrifying in a way. A girl even had a seizure the next day. Why am I typing even the smallest issue on here? Not to complain about what I had to go through, but to express my disappointment in their poorplanning. In essence, they did put us in danger. What if one of their daughter had a seizure because the college she attended would not let her leave? Their hearts would ache. But they put all of us, the student body in danger while lying to our parents and telling them that everything is fine. My problem with them was that it didnt seem like they treated us as their own children and the fact that they weren’t honest with us and more importantly our parents.
    What happened after the hurricane?
    We were sent to our very hot dorm room with frozen meat and pop tarts with the toilet not working. None of the water system was working so we were also told to go to take buckets to the swimming pool and use that water for the toilet. I think about 50% of the students left after that day, including me. And I know a lot of students that left without following proper procedure as the deans offices were overcrowded with students trying to get a pass. If they had planned and sent everyone home from the beginning, 99.999% of the students would have had to follow proper procedure and the school would have known where exactly the students were going instead of having students fill out fake passes and going to nearby hotels with their friends and boyfriends. When we all returned, everyone that had stayed look dead. The campus looked very sad. And a few of my friends’ parents pulled them out because they could not trust the school anymore… I mean a college that says their Christians lied to them.
    I’m sorry that this isn’t well-versed. I did not intend to leave a comment nor did I have an account here, but I just had to say something about what happened during Hurricane Ivan at PCC.

  11. happygoose

    I graduated from PCC in 2000 and had my own share of experiences while there. Before I begin, let me say that while it wasn’t all a bed of roses, I would not trade my education for anything. More than once I’ve had an employer tell me that I got my money’s worth for my education, not knowing I paid so little!

    But that’s beside the point. While I agree with the statement of being prepared before you go, I also believe that PCC might be the place for you even if you don’t agree, which was my position. My junior year, Dr. Mutch was talking about attacking the Bob Jones “footsoldiers”, which the rest of my family happens to be! My aunt even worked at Bob Jones! So I wrote a letter to Dr. Horton expressing my heartbreak over such unbiblical treatment of fellow believers. I got called up to see Dr. Ramel about my letter and we had a lengthy discussion about Bob Jones, the KJV (I’m not a KJVer–love the Message for personal study! They would gasp at that!), the dress code, and more. After one comment he made about BJU and their lack of a stand on the KJV, I said, “Don’t forget, Dr. Ramel, we serve the same God they do, even if they use a different translation.” He looked right at me and said, “Young lady, you are a passive liberal who is not right with God and who is showing animosity toward Dr. Mutch and the administration.” I told him that I would be discussing this with my prayer group (I was a PL–what were they thinking!) and would be sharing Scripture to show where the administration was wrong. I just knew I was going to be kicked out, but the Lord saved me! ;)

    Anyway, my point is that PCC is not for everyone and does indeed have many issues. But God can use an adulterous woman at a well to teach us about Himself, so why can’t He use a messed up school?

  12. Pensacolian

    I am a graduate of PCC as well as a former employee. I left the college in the middle of the semester, so I understand the college isn’t perfect…BUT, I sure wish people would know the whole story before they post. I still live in Pensacola. I have since I left the school in 1998. Regarding Ivan: I was thrilled to hear so many comments about how the college staff and students went out in the community and helped people for weeks after the storm. I heard comments from people at work, saw it on the news, and heard stories from friends who still work at PCC. My heart welled with pride not only for the students, but more importantly for the testimony they were for our Lord. They young lady who whined about frozen meat and other discomforts…try living in town! You had it better than most of us. Try having to fend for yourself instead of having “frozen meat” delivered to you! Most of us would have been thrilled to cool off a bit with the bagged meat and then made our sandwich. Having to walk to the pool to get water to flush…try no water…Oh, you didn’t mention how long you were without power. One day? Two days? PCC has paid the bucks so you students have power as quickly as possible. We were without power 12 days. My boss expected me to be at work too! Cold showers, MREs (not as good as the PCC hurricane meals), hot dark nights, nowhere to wash clothes…that’s the story of the hardship of hurricanes. Grow up kiddo…they protected you and kept you safe. Perhaps you’d like to offer to run things for the next storm…

  13. Emerald Coast

    Just wanted to say that as of Jan. 2007, many staff and faculty did not sign their contracts this year. That is no surprise to us here at PCC. People are fed up with the Hortons and their control. They even control the pastors. It was told to Neil Jackson, pastor of the church that Mrs. Horton has more Bible knowledge than any man at PCC. That was told by Dr. Horton himself. I had heard that she would send memos to Pastor Schettler on Monday mornings about his sermon. The Hortons are so arrogant that they think they do no wrong. You never see them go forward during an invitation and they don’t attend Sunday School but they make everyone fill out a slip of paper stating that you were in Sunday School and if you miss a certain number of days, you get a letter asking you to explain why you didn’t attend on the days you missed. None of the church members even voted on these two pastors and when it was announced who the men would be, you should have heard the congregation gasp. No one seemed happy about it at all. All I can say is these two pastors are wimps. They will do whatever the Hortons say. Students are so angry about this new sports complex they are building. They say it is a waste of money. They would rather have decent beds to sleep on and washer and dryers that actually work instead of taking their money. Students who work see on a daily basis the attitude of supervisors and directors who do not have the right Spirit. They have the video, Catch the Spirit. Who wants that kind of Spirit? It is ashamed they treat people so badly. They say there is an open door policy here. That is a lie. If you question anything around here, you are booted out. I think they will be surprised when they stand before the Lord, that is if they even get there.

  14. Dog

    Hey, I just have a question about PCC. Could anyone tell me why Pastor Redlin left? He was always my favorite guy to listen to. thanks!

  15. Ted Paul

    Reading all the issues at PCC, I think I will direct my teen children to more mainstream christian colleges. Liberty, Moody, or Tyndale. I want my kids to have the freedom to grow spiritualy, and be in a school that treats its students in a humane way.

  16. Deeps

    As a PCC Grad, I am finding all of this interesting and amusing. I agree with most of the “accusations”, but I am still a bit impartial. I got a great education and “my money’s worth,” but I am not sending my children there. PCC is for those who already know where they stand on God’s Word and doesn’t let an institution tell them what to think. I must say that I grew amazingly spiritually there even when I didn’t agree with everything that was said. There are pros and cons to anywhere you go. Nowhere is perfect. God can use anyone and anything. People need to remember not to get too hotheaded about the whole ordeal, because in the end, what is it going to matter if liked PCC or not? God is still God. He is still in control and if you are a Christian, you are going to heaven. End of story. While people sit and bicker about PCC, the unsaved are dying and going to hell. Hmmm….I think I’ll tend to the bigger picture and let God take care of the details.

  17. Chris Hunt

    I grew up in the Brentwood area …..maybe around 1957 we would walk to Brentwood Elementary School….I wonder if this the Aunt Beka that would tell flanelgraph stories to the kids in the afternoon walking home from school..this was such a long time ago but it was a sweet memory for me….I really hope its not the same person of the sound of the one you are talking about today…I also went to Brentwood Christian School which later became a part of Pensacola Christian……….Chris

  18. Vicki Gentry

    So where is Jim Schettler now? My Baptist parents watch the PCC broadcast faithfully. They’ve noticed that the guy with the really bad toupee preached the last few weeks — now, all of a sudden, the introduction of new pastors. Finding out the he resigned last May is pretty amazing. I’m Pentecostal, so I’m obviously not as enthralled by it all. However, I am curious to see where Jim landed. I watch from time to time when I’m not at church.

  19. G.Platt

    To answer the earlier question from “Dog said”, Jeff Redlin is the Senior Pastor of Front Range Baptist Church & Academy in Fort Collins, Colorado. He took over the church and school after the death of Kenneth Stephens(April 2003), founder and Senior Pastor for 25 years.

    I know this info as I was born and raised in Colorado and attended the curch and school until 1993 when we moved to Watertown, Wisconsin where my dad worked for Maranatha Baptist Bible College.

    I completely agree though with the above comments regarding the rigidity and close minded views of PCC. My sister attended for one semster and my wife attended for one semester (that’s all they could take). Both left for many of the above reasons. Very interesting to hear an unbeliever ask questions of my wife about college and the biggest laughs come from her time at PCC. I would consider the laughs as not very positive for PCC. Those who don’t know God in my experience view the rules and way of life at PCC as a joke. My wife uses her time at PCC to witness…oh yes…witness!!! She uses all the crazy and messed up situations from PCC to say…”hey that is not what Christianity is all about…It’s about reaching people daily who don’t know God by developing a personal relationship, friendship and community with those who don’t know God.

  20. Ryan

    Why?, why?, Why?. That’s what I want to know. So many good men leaving the PCC ministry. Someone, somewhere must know why. If anyone can shed some light on this issue, please do. I’m a 2003 graduate of PCC and just wondering why all the men who taught me so faithfully the Word of God and took the stand on the KJV are leaving. It seems they’re dropping like flies. If anyone can help ease my mind about all this please send me a helpful email. I’ll always be a PCC alumnus, I’m proud of my alma mater, but I just want to know why. I personally cried when Pastor Schettler announced his resignation. He taught me so much and was preaching the night I surrendered to preach. Someone please help. If anyone knows anything for sure (no rumors or speculation please), drop me a friendly email. God bless you all!

  21. Emerald Coast

    The reason so many teachers are leaving is because they are tired of being controlled. No individuality is encouraged at PCC. Even our Sunday School material is controlled. Everyone is taught the same thing even though we have numerous Sunday School classes. They are also upset about Pastor Schettler getting the boot.
    When you take away a pastor’s counseling, you give him no choice but to leave.
    This place needs a lot of prayer and a lot of changes.

  22. Maestroh

    I had never heard of PCC until the KJV Only series. Here’s what I discovered – they lie, plain and simple. Dell Johnson’s entire presentation featured one lie after another – from the claim that Westcott and Hort were leaders in the modern channeling movement (an accusation derived from Gail Riplinger of all people) to the claim that Bruce Metzger was a liberal. At PCC he probably would have been; then again, Jesus Christ would be a ‘liberal’ at PCC, so it’s hardly a valid argument.

    They lied, they attacked BJU, and of all people they used a guy who denies inerrancy (Theodore Letis) and a guy since found guilty of immorality (Bates) to support their position. If they wanted to advocate the TR, that was one thing; lying to do so was reprehensible and inexcusable.

    I hope the place crashes while the Horton’s are still around to see it.

  23. Dave Hoff

    I recently heard a very Godly gentleman give the graduation address to seminary students at a midwest (Iowa) fundamental bible college. In naming the sins these would be pastors should avoid was the sin of manipulation, At 76 years of age I thought “Right On” I wish I’d heard that address 60 years earlier, and from what I read above, sounds like that sin is big at PCC.

  24. Braedon Wilkerson

    I was saved because of Pastor Jeff Redlin, indeed I never actually met him, but it is because of the so called “inhumane” ministries of pcc through its dvd programs that I was able to come to christ. I also watch the rejoice program weekly and it sustains me well. My parents are charismatic and im only 16, im a fundamentalist however. through pcc i am now a christain, and continue to grow for christ. I too plan on attending pcc in 2009 to pursue pastorial ministries! without pcc i would NOT be saved from hell today. We all are athletes for christ, who must beat their bodies into submission for him. So what about a few dumb strict rules pcc has?! if you as a christian aren`t willing to take gods word at its fullest and beat your body into submission, then how good of a christain are you really? Comprimise is not an option with god. Its his way or the wrong way. no matter how much we dislike those who enforce gods holy laws we must understand they only do it for our benefit. if anyone has any contact with jeff redlin please let him know i cant wait to see him some day in heaven with our lord and savior Jesus christ. Stop smack talking pcc!, no one or ministry is perfect, we all are followers of christ because of our imperfections. Their doing there job by reaching others for Christ. Is that not the job of the Churh? to bring the lost to christ? whens the last time you did? stop badmouthing your bretheren at pcc, get of the computer, and go out and bring others to christ!

  25. Dan Burrell Post author


    You are going to make an EXCELLENT PCC student. But just for the record, you are not going to heaven because of Jeff Redlin (whom I have met and consider a really nice guy), nor because of the Rejoice TV ministry or PCC. You are going to heaven because God called you to salvation through His Holy Spirit by using the written Word of God (Scripture) and the Living Word of God — Jesus. Everything else was as inconsequential as the hammer is to the master carpenter.

    My advice to you — wherever you go to school, don’t check your brain at the door. Learn the Word, practice discernment and don’t follow men when you should be following TRUTH.

    And write me again in 10 years and let me know how you are doing.


  26. braedon wilkerson

    indeed Dan i never actually ment he saved me, christ is the only one who can. thanks for your advice and continue to honour, glorify, and please God in everything you think, say and do. ill write back in 10 years as well. philipians 3:8. “Yea doubtless and i count all things but lost for the excellency of the knowledge of jesus christ, my lord for whom i have suffered the loss of all things …that i may know him” My life verse.

  27. PCAGRAD03

    I went to pensacola christian academy from 1-12. my parents both worked for pensacola christian college. I was what was refered to as a staff kid.

    I loved going to school because I felt that I was actually learning more than all my friends who were not going there. The academics are great. I loved the campus church. I was a member, saved and baptisized in the dale horton auditorium.

    The last few years I was in Pensacola, I saw not only alot of administration and pastors leave but also facalty and staff.

    The PCC kitchen HAD the “dream team”
    Amoto – Awsome Italian Chef
    Macco – Amazing Baker
    Acosta – special events chef
    Vandewater – Head chef for 13 years at PCC
    Wilson – Coolest most efficiant kitchen manager I have ever seen
    and many more

    So, I have nothing against PCC/ABeka Book/PCA ‘s academics, but teh way they ran their schools was I think very unBiblical/Ethical.

  28. Tyler

    I’m a Non-denominational Evangelist raised under preaching like that done by Jim Schettler and Jeff Redlin. Pastor Jeff Redlin has been one of the BIGGEST influences in my life. I haven’t met him yet but plan on traveling up to Colorado to meet him; the same with Pastor Schettler. I think they were BOTH great men of God and Im glad they’ve moved on to places of freedom. I’m forever thankful for Pastor Schettler and Pastor Redlin; I don’t care what anybody else has to say– they are both God-sent

  29. PT

    As someone who had direct connection to the upper levels of administration for many years, I feel this is a sharp, but accurate post. With the departure of yet another Campus Pastor, it will be interesting to see the direction the college takes with a new Campus Pastor.

  30. Pam Hicks

    Dan, you hit the nail right on the head. My husband and I worked for PCC for 25 years – our youth. When we both had health issues and our older teen-age children made one fatal error, we were kicked unceremoniously to the curb. For 25 years we gave them our heart and soul. We allowed them to control our philosophy. We bought in to the whole Horton enterprise. Instead of offering to help when things were a little rough, they did not renew our 26th contract. We have been shunned by friends of twenty five years. Our performance on the job was never questioned. I was always introduced as their “master teacher” and they videotaped my classes 8 times. We were told by Jim Hicks that because of our children, we “were a blight” to their testimony”. Dr. Horton used to say that if we put our ministry first, God would take care of the family. I bought that bill of goods and I regret it. After being in such a controlled environment, professional counselors have recommended that we get “post traumatic stress counseling” – the stress being having worked for the Hortons for 25 years. Why did we stay so long – Dr. Horton controlled every aspect of our lives – friends, job, housing, church, shopping……. We were in effect “brain washed”.

    1. student from PEI, Canada

      Is this the real Pam Hicks whom I had as a video teacher? Somehow this seems so surreal- From watching the videos from grade 5 through 12, everything seems so perfect. I stumble accross all these comments and learn that it really isn’t as nice as it looks. I have had so much fun watching the daily lessons, especially the older videos! The newer videos are not nearly as nice, everything seems so “man made” and like a strict regime, but I have learned much more than any public school I’ve been to, becuase of the Godly principles that were taught. If you are the real Pam Hicks, thank you so increadibly much for being my science teacher, I absolutely loved it and God bless you.

  31. Ann McHughs

    Where is Dr Neil Jackson now ?. He a great preacher. We rushed home from our church every Sunday night to hear him to hear him preach God’s word. we were terribly upset to hear he was leaving PCC. 10-1-2009

  32. Jerry Smith

    I am from Indiana, several of my church friends have watched Dr. Neil Jackson for quite some time on Sunday night. This man is a true man of God that preaches as God would have him do! The Pensacola church and college will suffer for turning their backs on this God fearing man! Our Country dearly needs needs men like Dr. Jackson to preach the word of God as God would have them do. Our Country needs a great revival America is failing only through the leadership of men like Dr. Jackson can we ever recover from all the years we have turned our backs on the Lord. God help us when we turn our backs on a true leader for personal or other reasons. If anyone can tell me where Dr. Jackson has gone please e-mail me the information! God help your church for your blind mistake! Beliving in Jesus

  33. Dan Burrell Post author

    Ann…seriously…you don’t need to keep posting the same question over and over and over… Why don’t you just call Pensacola Christian College….I’m sure someone there knows.

  34. Jason

    In response to my last comment (blacklisting): I was (and am) afraid to use my full name. The reasons are as follows:

    1. I spent nearly two decades at PCC as both a student and employee. I am still afraid that “they” will find out who I am and do something to me.

    2. I would not be surprised at all if “they” are STILL reading the comments on this blog post 3 1/2 years after the original post to try to catch people who are against them and do something to them.

    Keep in mind that these are just feelings or impressions I have, and might not be true at all. However, for a person to spend the majority of his adult life at a place, all the while with every intention of doing right and serving the Lord, yet to come away with feelings and impressions akin to the feelings a gulag escapee would have toward the KGB, this is an indicator of the kind of “control at all costs” impression that may be generated by the place.

    I do believe that the PCC leadership are generally good people with generally good motives (i.e. the glory of God and the benefit of the people they influence), but I feel that many decades of being in charge (with “Midas Touch” like results) may have allowed the leadership to assume that the decisions that they make are unquestionably good decisions, and that they truly are the representatives of God to the masses, like Moses.

    This next point may come across as unkind or unfair, but I also feel that because of old age, undoubtedly combined with a great history of having to frequently deal with people who made actual attempts to undermine the ministry, the leadership may have developed a paranoia which is then regrettably turned on their own good people, including many of the great men mentioned above who felt compelled to leave.

    So there you go, I said it. Now all I have to do is wait in fear for the sound of their standard issue kicking in my door.

  35. C.J.

    What PCC did to BJU–and more importantly to the Body of Christ–is inexcusable. And I wonder how those who did the administration’s “dirty work” felt after getting the boot? My prayer is that the PCC administration will make this right before we all meet the Lord at His Bema.

  36. Pollyanna Hartwell

    Pastor Jackson and Tracy are at Beulah Baptist Church in Bennett, NC.

    I arrived at PCC in May of 2002, and started my undergrad degree in the Fall right after Dr. Munch’s departure. Five years of teaching and working hard later, I agreed to stay on as a GA for Seminary. I attended Pensacola Theological Seminary and graduated with a MA in Biblical Exposition in 09.

    I will give anyone interested in attending PCC a summary of the same advice an ensemble member gave me privately during a campus preview. “This college is not for everyone. It’s schedule and rules are tough, strict and demanding. You won’t make it if you don’t want to be here.”

    That said, You CAN be your own person while attending any college. I learned so much about who I am during my years there. I can honestly recommend it to many, but not all. IF you are willing to submit to an intense regimen of training, you can reap great rewards. One of my favorite undergrad Bible teachers shared his thoughts on the rules with me. “It’s not that we expect you to follow all this [the rules] after you leave. You’d be nuts to follow some of them. Just while you’re here, we want to free you from distractions and pack the learning into the time you have.”

    There’s my piece for what it’s worth. I have both positive and negative memories of my time at PCC and PTS. I’d do it again.

  37. James Foard

    I live on the west coast. I have never been to Florida, but have listened to Rejoice radio here in Oregon for many years. I can’t believe that it has been that many years since Jim Shettler has been gone. His sermons and the music from Rejoice radio kept me from losing my mind and probably kept me alive after losing my wife in 2005. I loved the music, and they kept playing that song “If You Could See Me Now” over and over in 2006. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was from the Lord, along with many other songs and lyrics; “When you don’t see His hand, trust His heart”, “It’s not in trying, but in trusting”, and that wonderful black spiritual “Climin’ up the rough side o’ the mountain”. These songs brought tears to my eyes and helped me through my intense grief when everyone else in the world turned their backs on me, including the two pastors who had married my wife and me. Marcia and I had divorced two years before she died, but we remained friends, she was the best friend I ever had. Neither one of us were in good health at the time and our finances were not good, but we shared our love for the Lord and our love for Rejoice radio. I was all alone in the world when God took her and Rejoice Radio helped me immeasurably through my intense grief. I’m textus receptus but not KJV only, I read the spanish Reina Valera Antigua, the NKJV, and sometimes for reference the Peshitta of Lamsa for comparison text. We all love Jesus, He is our common Saviour, Even Peter and Paul had it out in the Book of Acts over legalistic issues, and Paul and Barnabus had a dustup and took different paths, but this led to the growth of the church. I was in a very legalistic KJV only ministry for two years once in the 1980′s where we lived in and on the premises. We worked and studied seven days a week, sometimes seventeen hour days with rotating two hour night watches, only fifteen minute breaks by permission each day to leave for walks, three mandatory church services a day every day, and visits to other churches to promote our ministry. God eventually dealt with the two people who ran the ministry at the time, a ministry that began with very good intentions by others before them, and now it has been back under the control of some very good Christians for many years. God will have His way, pray for one another, love covers a multitude of sins, bearing with one another, forgiving and being forgiven, in humility, meekness, knowing that he who corrects an erring brother or sister covers a multitude of sins.
    God bless all of you,
    James Foard

  38. Vera Sagoe

    am a video student who takes A-Beka DvD lessons and will be completing in 2012 i took lessons by Pastor Schettler and Pastor Redlin and they were really good teachers….Am still hoping to meet them one day!!! God bless all the PCA teachers

  39. SH

    I must say I think you are a little too hard on PCC, PCA. My life has been greatly helped through A Beka video, and I hope to one day give my children the same opportunity that I had.

  40. Dan Burrell Post author

    Actually, SH….I never said a word about PCA or the A Beka curriculum. We used the A Beka curriculum in our home for years. Big difference in having a discussion about philosophy and commenting on the curriculum.

  41. Art

    Well…6 years after the original posting…the Hortons are stepping down.

    We are eagerly anticipating the transition, and I hope that the issues that are mentioned above (some valid, some not so much) will be ‘addressed’.

    I do not know much about Dr. Shoemaker, but he is very well respected by the Hortons. I hope that as time continues that his love for PCC (A great institutions…my HPOV) will only be overshadowed by his love for God, Family, Country and Apple Pie. (OK…Apple Pie is optional ;-)

    May God truly bless him and give him a heart for the students and faculty alike and a vision for what God can do.

  42. Meli

    Just another PCC student here. I left halfway through. I have some pleasant memories of friends and teachers, and some very unpleasant memories of the administration. I am so glad that I left and found a school that gave us Biblical liberty, and treated the student body like brothers and sisters in Christ, rather than like then PCC’s idea of ruling over us like a lord.

    I stumbled on this page when a friend with a college bound young lady asked about my college experience. I remembered a lot of details. But I think the above post gave a better overall view than my laundry list of cruelties and offenses. It was a long list… Anyway, I have bumped into many now saying that PCC is different than the one I remember (I left in 2001.) I truly hope so. Although, I have no idea where to look to find out.

  43. Jason Bourne

    The Mrs. Hicks that is talking is not the real teacher that taught at PCA. Just a random person.

  44. Edger

    A belated note:

    I found this blog by mistake. Generally don’t post to such things, but as a teacher logic I felt some good perspective might be in order. Scripture is full of dissatisfied “customers” of godly leadership. Remember the prophets, what about the disciples, Christ himself? What is man’s historical response to authority – notice I did not include the words “good” or “bad” to color the question, it doesn’t matter. Does God even ask us if we “like” authority?

    Remove the personalities from the board and what remains is God and his call for us to surrender to his will. If he calls you to surrender elsewhere then so be it. Those in authority will always be attacked. We live in an imperfect world with all its imperfectness strung about in heaps and from this God calls us to unity. Not Simple – but a daily work of the Spirit to do through us what we have no strength for.

    Perhaps if we spent more time dispelling the “dark” we would spend less time attacking what we perceive as “low wattage” light.

  45. Veteran OEF/OIF 4 deployments

    I just did 4 deploymwnts with the US Army over the past 10 years. Some of the comments on here pale in comparison to being deployed& frankly I’d be stupid to do so comparing life@PCC to active duty on a battlefield . I say that to say this blog is repulsive. PCC was awesome to me& my wife who both graduated in 1995, & then I did two yr grad program as a GA. If you think your petty little PCC complaints matter at all in eternity, think again. I mean come on…Really? Some of the stuff written on here is just plain a bunch of whiney butts who would turn their noses up at eating part of the 5 loaves & 2 fishes meal from Jesus cuz it wasn’t just right for them in some way! As for you Dan Burrell, are you really still under the opinion something is toxic@ our alma mater? If you really did goto PCC how can you say that weird statement about no liberty? What does that mean anyway? The only liberty we need is one that includes a theological position based on the word of God from a KJV only position & you know in your heart & CONSCIENCE that this is true. Find a good church that doesn’t use the KJV & doesn’t have problems with the big 3 : wrong associations, bad music usage, & loose dress. Some churches have a polity problem or two, but by & large they usually don’t when you find a KJV only church. So, just WHAT IS YOUR Liberty problem connected to in your experience? You wouldn’t get your opinion heard when you fealt it should’ve been heard or heeded? I’m curious.

    1. admin Post author

      Oh, Mr. Kelmar 0803 (anonymous), I just love the way you get all worked up about a post that’s only EIGHT AND A HALF YEARS old. However, you have so eloquently made my point about both the toxic atmosphere that was so real at PCC AND what I’ve written about what is wrong with fundamentalism in other articles, I simply find it impossible to add anything to it. So I’ll just let your comment stand — in testimony to the eloquence and the depth of thought you and your type regularly produce. Cheers!

      1. Veteran OEF/OIF 4 deployments

        HEY ‘ admin ‘ — where’s my reply posts to you & ‘ Wes Pyke ‘ ? ….if you really think you’re right, than that’s fine, ….. like I said, PCC was awesome to me & my wife over the years. My son is @PCC now working in the summer & will start his Freshman year this fall. If he has problems with the college, I just hope& pray they aren’t stuff like a lot of the folks on here just can’t get over. I don’t believe PCC is for everyone either, because if it was everyone who started would finish(duh). But, I will defend this college & the Hortons til the day I die, except over their treatment of Ken Hovind. Otherwise I believe God used them mightily like no other husband wife duo in the field of education & higher education. Yea, BJ used to be great & some other schools(my dad is a 1981 BJU grad)(& I went to k5-4th grade at BJES) but they aren’t to the degree of PCC turning out Christian men & women who are becoming missionaries & pastors. PCC has sent a great share of these young men & women coming out of Christian colleges that end up on the mission field & as Pastors. (I’ve seen the statistics from some mission boards, well, independent fundamental missions boards anyway.) My church, which is pastored by a BJU grad, & has a BJU grad as a youth pastor, has 8 missionary families out of like 30 missionaries we support who are PCC grads. But, no biggee. I think God has dealt well with PCC in light of your statement about God to “lead it to a more healthy spiritual state that holds fast to sound doctrine, but also allows a measure of Biblical liberty in the exercise of one’s own faith without having to leave the institution they love to attend or serve.” He continues to use this institution greatly in spite of some so-called by you and many others of some loss of said liberty. I never fealt burdened under the rules that they hampered my service to the Lord there at PCC. I did feal awkward in the military as the standards of acceptance of LGBT community kept progressing toward outright acceptance of them, which is where they now are almost. PCC’s standards & judgments I’ve heard of on people in their lives is interesting in many cases. Before I came to PCC I was in a church-school ministry where I didn’t understand what happened a couple of times when people left our ministry there in Georgia just south of Atlanta. But, I recognize now that God was moving those people on to other great works He had for them. I don’t like the sound of the college’s dealings with some of their students either, but understand that usually the former student leaves KEY facts out of their story of their bad dealings with PCC that would weigh heavily against them in their arguments against the college – in that it would show that the college was usually right in their dealings with students. (I said USUALLY, not always. I almost got kicked out twice when I was there myself.) I found that the college when dealing with staff or individuals with disciplinary problems in their opinion, would always deal with the student or staffmember more friendly when they perceived that the student or staff member WASN’T LYING to them when confronted with the infraction of the colleges rules & standards. No joke. I never lied when I was caught doing dumb & RULE BREAKING stuff at PCC, & they were always gracious to me. You see, I just have a hard time swallowing all these stories from people about how they were done wrong by the college. You know, I after almost getting kicked out twice, still became a GA, & later came back for a time as a staff member with my wife for a couple years before I started deploying to the middle east for the majority of the past 10 years. The military is hard. PCC life never was, not in my experience. I hope you post this. I never intended to brag about my 4 deployments to the middle east, but rather to draw a comparision between being a Christian soldier in the U.S.Army as being difficult & being a staff member or student at PCC. I’m sure many missionaries who live every day in a foreign country away from family & friends & church family understand & can relate to my sentiment. It disgusts me to think so many people after all these years have such hate for PCC, who actually went there & sat in the wonderful services, classes, & had the priviledge to work in a great CHRISTIAN environment WITH OTHER GREAT INDIVIDUALS can still have those same sentiments about PCC. I work in the non-Christian workplace now, & have many opportunities to stand up for what is right Biblically. How easy is it to work in such a great place as PCC? COME ON??? Answer that honestly in light of the ‘ liberty ‘ thing you hold up as some issue that makes it difficult to stay at PCC. IT’S TOO EASY & HONESTLY AN ABSOLUTE BLESSING TO WORK AT PCC & FIT IN TO THE RULES & BE BLESSED TO HAVE A JOB THAT YOU DONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ALL THE THINGS WE HAVE TO FACE IN THE NON-CHRISTIAN WORKPLACE DAY AFTER DAY! Now do you catch my drift a little better Mr. Admin? If you don’t post this no big deal. I hope you find that all the colleges out there who are teaching God’s word & trying to reach young people for Christ to TRAIN them, realize that they all have different standards. Some of those standards let the people they set them up for venturing closer to the worldly cliff than others, but don’t disparage those that set the bar higher & put the fence of rules farther back from the cliff, for the GOOD OF THE STUDENTS & STAFF. Its just too easy to get this. Now if by liberty you mean that the people who left PCC want more liberty in that respect, OK > I get it, sometimes the rules for imperfect humans setup by imperfect humans in a ministry get difficult to deal with. But doesn’t higher standards give you more liberty to live as Christ would have you to live, right ? I hope you & your family are well sir. Jesus is coming soon.

      2. Veteran OEF/OIF 4 deployments

        - I shoulda said ‘many of the comments’ on this blog are repulsive. forgive me Mr. Admin sir.

    2. Wes Pyke

      Thank you for telling all who read this that you fulfilled 4 deployment contracts during your time in the army. Now maybe you could tell us WHY you posted that. Maybe you can explain what that has to do with the conversation at hand. Maybe you can tell all of us who you are and why your status is so important that you lead with your resume into this discussion.
      Were you looking for a pat on the back? Did you want a barrage of thank you letters for your service? Are you looking to be honored for your time?
      You could have simply defended the heirarchy of PCC and be done with it. But you didnt, did you?
      By you starting off delivering your resume, you turned every ear off (typical blind PCC follower). You were probably a power hungry floor leader at one time werent you? Or at least a snitch for the Dean of men……anything to elevate yourself.
      It doesnt matter… seem too blind to see the truth. Great men of influence, men who were revered by their counseling have flown the nest. Its a signal, you self-righteous dweebe!…..look at the signs.
      Agree to disagree?? Oh, absolutely!! I disagreed alot with PCC in my time. True experience talking here…..PCC doesnt care for you like youd like to think they do. They love their image and will protect it above all else. Just ask any of the revered that left.
      Another helpful hint: If it doesnt say it in the Bible, then maybe you shouldnt say that it is. God gives a command/consequences to anyone who ADDS to or TAKES AWAY from the Word of God.
      helpful hint #2: TRUE servicemen never have to remind anyone of what they did. Pricks like you that go out looking for glory is the very reason service members get a black eye and get no respect.
      “Hey everybody, look at me! I just did 4 deployments while in the Army!”…….saying it like everyone here should immediately fall to our knees and be so lucky to worship you. You are a disgrace for your attempt for self admiration. I dont believe you even have the uniform, much less worthy of it!
      Maybe you should call PCC back up and beg for your floor leader/snitch job back. You seem like the type that does well there!

      1. Veteran OEF/OIF 4 deployments

        - just to clarify : I was NOT a floorleader.
        -I almost got the boot twice myself ( I know what it means to be “shadowed” firsthand){{and I certainly wouldn’t have been in the snitching employ of the office of the Dean of men EVER! I visited discipline committee on a very very regular basis, like just about every other week. }}
        - don’t fall down& worship me, plz…. my use of my military experience was to show that I have firsthand knowledge of how a hard job is hard — & no job @PCC could be called hard, cuz I worked at PCC … my wife & I were on staff for a couple yrs before I started deploying in the past 10 years, I was a GA & she worked for the evil Abeka & taught at the evil PCA/PCS
        - those who got turned off by my use of the comparision is MOST LIKELY just you W.Pyke
        - any of the ‘ revered ‘ who left PCC during the tumultuous time of change have ministries that God has moved them onto & are being used in those ministries to the glory of God, I’m pretty sure.
        - I’m a dweeb often, guilty as charged…..(but a proud PCC alumnus dweeb)
        - …& yes, I did do well there & am happy to have learned &served at PCC as a student, grad student, & staff member — by the grace of God
        - I Hope you have a good day sir, & can find it in your heart to realize that in the multitude of rules @PCC a student or staff member has MORE LIBERTY to shine for Jesus , not less.

  46. RLC

    I happened to stumble across this while looking up other people. I will try to make this short and sweet, but I don’t know if I can. I did not attend PCC, the topic of this article, but I did attend Pensacola Christian School from K-5 through 12th. Having attended 13 yrs of school there, I feel I am qualified. My whole youth was spent there. Although I grew up in a Christian home with a close and loving family, I began doubting my Faith during my high school years due to the way the faculty treated me and my friends as well as the lies from teachers then who are now lead administrators at the College now. 22 years later, i still have not reconciled many of the issues I had there, but I have gone on with my life. I spent 4 years in the military and I now have a Master’s degree in Accounting. I use that as my introduction because I do not want to come off as a bitter troll with what I’m about to say.

    The elementary school is great. The students are still relatively normal because they come from the city of Pensacola and surrounding areas. However, the students who primarily attended the junior high and high school when I was there in the late ’80′s and early ’90′s were “faculty” students whose parents had some connection to the school, either through teaching or other various employment. This really diluted the school’s diversity and made it more exclusive. These students attended the school relatively free too because of the subsidy’s their parents/relatives received for working below the poverty line at the College or school. The same nonsensical rules were employed at the junior high and high school levels too, causing local Pensacola students to leave in droves. On my graduation day, Dr. Horton and Shoemaker (then Head Principle at PCS) said student enrollment had increased by leaps and bounds from previous years. How did this happen with local students escaping from the school and the faculty students subsidy? To build the student roster and increase their revenue, they recruited wealthy students North of the Mason Dixon line to attend the school like Prep school students and live at the dorm with college aged roommates. Hypocrites and liars.

    There were SEVERAL occasions where faculty students would bully other students and teachers would look the other way. This included the current president of PCC as well as the current pastor of the Church while they were still history and science teachers respectively at the school. One instance I’ll NEVER forget is an incident at Chip Boes basketball camp the summer before my 10th grade year in the old Warrior gym at the old high school location. It seems the faculty student point guard did not want me on the team, so he continuously threw basketballs at my head and bullied me on the court while leadership observed and walked away. These same occurrences from him and other faculty students occurred throughout the year with the same leadership watching and doing nothing. I felt like I was being provoked, so each time I walked away because I didn’t want to disappoint my parents. I know a lot of meathead and knuckleheads will respond with “that was a long time ago, blah, blah, etc” and they are right. Those incidents made me a better person, but there is no way that should EVER happen in an environment where Christianity is advertised to reign supreme. As mentioned earlier, I was in the Marines years ago post-PCS, and their standards and rules weren’t nearly as strict. Plus, their rules had a purpose. For all of the “we are a sinful people” and “nobody’s perfect” excuses I’ve heard over the years from Sunday morning Christians, it makes no sense to run any school or organization the way PCC/PCA runs theirs. It’s nothing but destructive brainwashed mind control. Especially when you keep the “I’m just a fallen imperfect sinner” excuse in your pocket when you need it.

  47. Cindi

    I have to smile at all of these comments, as I too found this blog while looking for something else. I’m an old timer, Dan, and also attended grades 6-12, prior to my college years in the late 70′s. Yes, “toxic” is a good word to describe the atmosphere and conditions. I’ve been in a toxic work environment and it felt exactly the same. And I also completely understand and agree with the comment about being counseled for PTSD. I was in high school when the college started and you could feel the change in the atmosphere in our classes. No more college yearbooks from BJU, Temple, Pillsbury and other solid Christian schools. Teachers no longer talked about that alma mater. And I may be imagining things as I look back, but “Aunt Beka” of Aunt Beka’s Bible Stories changed into Mrs Horton and identified with her hard husband, turning what was decent discipline into this monster of control. No one escaped, as mentioned in comments above. Even our guest chapel speakers almost ceased, much as I loved Pastor Taylor. I did choose to attend PCC and have mostly fond memories of teachers and what have become lifetime friends. But there is no mistake in the idea that if you are not grounded in the faith, you could be ground into what passes as faith there. So many sincere Christian servants, but the leadership drained their enthusiasm as they drank the koolaid. Anyone who attends school or sends a resume for employment should know the truth of God’s Word and His direction first and not hope to learn it there. I pray with the changes of the Horton’s departure, a truly Godly institution will arise. Although this blog is old, I appreciate your clear and strong voice, Dan, and will follow you in the future.

  48. Veteran OEF/OIF 4 deployments

    Cindi, YOU SAID THE FOLLOWING :” Anyone who attends [the]school or sends a resume for employment [to PCC]should know the truth of God’s Word and His direction first and not hope to learn it there.”

    …Well, guess what, a lot of students & staff DID find God’s direction AFTER they got their, & furthermore a lot of students WERE unsaved before they got to PCC(to the glory of God they aren’t now). — just food for thot ma’am. God bless you & ur famly

  49. DB

    I attended PCC in the mid 80′s. I found this website while looking up Jim Schettler. I agree with this post. I witnessed double standards along with lies being acceptable when it met their needs. In the 1985/1986 year their is a photo of a girl in her dorm room entertaining her friends. The truth is that girl’s room was actually down the hall. The students in that room were not as well known so they were told to clear out for the photo shoot. I know what I am talking about I was one of the actual occupants of that room. I can relate other stories of no mercy & no compassion. Yes they have some good teachings there but they are very rigid & stern.

  50. Veteran & PCC alumni

    THAT STERNESS. THAT would just do it for me too, ….. REALLY ? TOO MUCH RIGIDITY IS JUST EVIL…… (( –come on now, really ma’am?– you are complaiing about a photo shoot to illustrate ‘ double standards ‘ ?? ))


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