Hillary Clinton and her “Basket of Deplorables”

 cnn_hillary-800x430  Hillary has driven me closer to consider voting for Trump than any argument I’ve heard from an actual Trump supporter with her elitist, snobbish, condescending rubbish dropping from her corrupt mouth.  Does anyone remember the brouhaha when Romney declared that 47% of the population wouldn’t vote for him in the last election cycle.  The media went apoplectic in the ensuing week as they colored him as an elitist oligarch who couldn’t relate to the real people of the lower classes.
Well, if you want to see a whole new level of hubris, check out what Hillary Clinton said this week-end, though you can expect the fawning leftists of the mainstream press to give her a press or even agree with her.
Before going further, read her comments HERE.
She has provided the public with a rare view into what she really thinks of the pehillary-angry-2ople she would aspire to “rule”.

It would serve us well to remember that when she says “homophobic” — she means someone who believes in traditional marriage between a man and a woman. When she says “racist” — she means someone who believes that cops should be respected, that all lives matter, BLM is a divisive movement and that helping people of color means more than throwing money in their general direction. When she says “misogynist” — she means those who think that a baby has a right to LIFE more than a woman has a right to kill an inconvenient infant. When she says “xenophobic” — she means people that think that borders and immigration laws should be respected. When she says “Islamaphobic” — she means those who think that coddling terrorists who practice a violent religion needs to stop. When she says “Basket of Deplorables” — she means God-fearing people who care about their country, respect traditional values, believe gun-ownership is a Constitutional right and aren’t ashamed to wave an American flag — you know, people like those who don’t protest in the streets, burn down convenience stores, didn’t attend Ivy League indoctrination centers and don’t draw their income from the Federal government.hillary-clinton-angry

This despicable and corrupt woman belongs in a prison cell, not in a Presidential campaign. She has accidentally
revealed her true thinking and make no mistake, if you are one of those who would fit in her “basket of deplorables” (and I am), she will not be satisfied until she has stripped you of ever opportunity to oppose the agenda of those who belong in her own “basket of depravity and delusion”.
She is a menace, a danger, a criminal, a coward and an opportunist.

And that’s just what we know for sure about her.

And she’s done the one thing that I didn’t think was possible: made me consider voting for her opponent.  I never thought it was even possible.

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