A Brief Thought on the State of Evangelicals and their Fear of Being Labeled “Activists”

If Isaiah, Jonah, Jeremiah or Habakkuk were to show up today in the United States preaching their prophetic messages of repentance, rejection of wickedness and transformative action, 90% of the evangelicals would reject them for being divisive, criticize them for being judgmental or harsh or willfully choose to be identified with those they were condemning so as not to be associated with them. With few exceptions, prophetic voices who stand against sin are shouted down by Christians in the United States. We look for more reasons to disagree with them, than agree with their message. We are so desperate to avoid the labels of intolerance or “hatred”, that we are quite willing to remain silent or even join in with the bashing. We give the wicked the benefit of the doubt and rarely do the same for those who are actually in the Family of God. No wonder we have no impact, no influence, no respect and no virtue. The salt has lost its savor.

One thought on “A Brief Thought on the State of Evangelicals and their Fear of Being Labeled “Activists”

  1. M.Moberly, ArmyVeteran &PCC alum

    I’m certainly not too ‘ desperate ‘ to avoid being labeled being characterized as separatist….. in fact, the more so the better…. there’s no question whatcha do & don’t stand for when you are characterized as one who is practicing separation from other so-called weak Christian entities or Churches or learning institutions who have weak Biblical preservation standings or weak music, dress, etc.. kinds of standards….. as far as I’m concerned, its the lack of preaching on SIN that makes a milk toast church( & 90% of evangelicals would cringe at my pastor’s preaching – he’s an old school BobJones alumnus preacher)…. those that the consider the wicked & what they think important or those who are Christian but act wicked(& are actually the bigger problem), well…. there ya go… the PRESENT church fits in with that church in Revelation 3 pretty much.. how often we forget this that the church as a whole is that church that needs to be ‘ zealous & repent ‘….. anyway…… I digress (…or, do I ? ) … be ‘ activist ‘ & stand for something by standing against something for cryin out loud !!!! …be the city set on a hill, not at the base of it with the baser sort of ‘ so-called evangelicals ‘ who couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag of whats really important today & needed in churches today — & that’s good old fashioned preaching on sin & repentance of wicked lives of sin by lukewarm Christians & for when you repent to take reformative action in your life as a Christian in God’s church !!!! (albeit Laodicean) — standout as a someone who isn’t like the 90%er’s in Christianity !


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