My Endorsements for Election 2014

VoteIn order to avoid having to answer a bunch of private emails and questions in public about whom I’m supporting for this election, I am posting my endorsements here.  Please note that these are my private endorsements and may or may not the opinions of my employers, associates, family or friends.  They are mine alone.  I’m not super enthusiastic about some of these choices, but have taken in a variety of factors in making my list.  Feel free to distribute, use or ignore.

North Carolina Endorsements

US Senate

Tillis (A vote for Haugh equals a vote for Hagan)

US House of Representatives

District 6 — Neither Candidate
District 8 — Hudson
District 9 — Pittenger
District 12 — Coakley

NC State Senate

District 41 — Tarte

NC State House of Representatives

District 98 — Bradford
District 104 — Dan Bishop

Mecklenburg District Attorney

Andrew Murray

Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners

At-Large — Carlisle and Zuyus
District 1 – Puckett
District 5 – Ridenhour
District 6 – James

Clerk of Superior Court

Martha Efird


Chris Hailey

NC Supreme Court Chief Justice

Mark Martin

NC Supreme Court Associate Justices

Bob Hunter
Eric Levinson
Mike Robinson

NC Court of Appeals Judges

John Tyson
Biiill Southern
Donna Stroud
Paul Holcombe

NC Superior Court 26B

Lisa Bell
John Bowers

NC Superior Court 26

Matt Osman
Sean Smith
Casey Viser

Mecklenburg Tax Referendum


2 thoughts on “My Endorsements for Election 2014

    1. admin Post author

      Proportionally, Libertarians take away far more Republican votes than Democrats do. It’s been demonstrated frequently. I’d be Libertarian if it weren’t for the social issues. I like to think of myself as a Christian Libertarian. But in races when my vote could potentially elect a far-left Democrat, then I’ll vote for the Republican as they are closer to my philosophy. (Unless they are pro-abortion and I won’t vote for anyone who is pro-abortion.)


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