John MacArthur Answers his Charismatic Critics

Michael Brown, one of the proponents of many of the excesses in the charismatic movement, recently unloaded on Dr. John MacArthur in a couple of articles that were absolutely rife with ridiculous errors and suppositions.  I’m glad to see that John has decided to publicly refute Brown.  Brown became a celebrity during the so-called “Brownsville Revival” which took place in Florida where I lived at the time.  I literally saw pictures of people on all fours barking like dogs claiming that this was a “work of the Holy Spirit.” Balderdash.  This was the work of some amazing hypnotists and they belonged in a cheap off-the-strip Las Vegas show, not in a church.  While I have friends and students who attend charismatic churches and we sincerely disagree on which gifts are active today, Brown is on the far fringes of charismaticism and I’m glad John has called him out and is responding to him.  His response is well worth the time necessary to read it.

You’ll find it HERE.

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