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My “activist” days are mostly behind me, but sometimes I feel compelled to use whatever little influence I have on an issue of importance. North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory is taking a POUNDING in the press as he and the Republican majority in the NC legislature have been doing something rare for Republicans — actually governing like they are in the majority. Too often Republicans have been so worried about the media and polls that they don’t do what they’ve been elected to do.

Last week, the legislature sent an IMPORTANT bill that moves us closer to protecting the rights of the unborn. This bill has simple, no-brain-required provisions like requiring abortion clinics to have the same safety standards you would have if you were at the dentist or getting plastic surgery in an office. This is a GOOD bill — it doesn’t go nearly far enough, but it is a step in the right direction. The radical pro-abortion lobby is going nuts. We’ve had enough stories of women dying at the hands of genocidal maniacs like Kermit Gosnell who murdered babies in a clinic that wouldn’t have met standards for piercing ears, let alone performing surgery.

McCrory is a decent man, but he can sometimes waffle on important issue, like many politicians. Frankly, he’s gone a little “Wobbly” on whether or not he’s going to sign this bill. The media, radical feminists, Democrat leftists and others are applying huge pressure on him. We need to push back. I’m asking my FB friends to contact him in as many ways as you can. Let him know that we want him to “Sign the Abortion Bill”. As simple as that. You can email him, call him, message him on Twitter and contact him through facebook. Also…PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THIS ON YOUR WALL. FYI, Gov. McCrory is a young man and is likely to run for other offices including national offices, so even if you don’t live in NC, let your voice be heard.

Here’s the contact info: and/or
Phone:(919) 814-2000
Twitter: @PatMcCroryNC

It is fine to contact the governor through ALL FOUR channels. Always be polite, positive and don’t make silly threats like “I’ll never vote…blah, blah, blah.” Just say “Please sign the bill on Abortion passed by the legislature.” Simple as that. Thanks in advance for helping protect the lives of the unborn and the women involved.

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