A Time for Rejoicing…

papa-and-ellie.jpgSo pleased today to welcome our very first grandchild into the world, “Ellie Madelynn Mook”, sweet daughter of our kids, Justin and Megan (Burrell) Mook.  She put mom through it with a 31-hour labor and delivery, but she was well worth the wait!  Julie was able to be there for the delivery and that was a sweet gift to her from ellie.jpgJustin and Megan as she shared in the wonder and excitement of her arrival.  We are constantly humbled by God’s goodness to us and this precious little soul is among the greatest gifts we’ve ever received.  We have been praying for her and will continue to pray that God will form her in the image of His image and will so that she might glorify Him with her entire life.

3 thoughts on “A Time for Rejoicing…

  1. Gene

    Congratulations to all the Burrell’s! Grandchildren are one of the reasons I don’t mind growing older! Blessings!

  2. Loraine Wood

    Grandchildren and great grandchildren are so wonderful. We know and share your joy. Our newest “great” is now two months old. We send our best to you and all your family. Enjoy her – she is a gift from God!
    Love you all & have many wonderful memories of our time with you!
    Doc & Loraine

  3. Robin

    Congratulations!!! I am rejoicing with you in the Lord for you and your family. Especially with my favorite teacher in the world whom I will always.
    forget Mrs.J Burrell. Kim and Robin will love you always and
    we will never forget! Wow! How our lives have changed and we are all still in the Lord . Looking back with a grateful and thankful heart to the Lord for all things. Blessing great and small . IF would kindly ask Mrs.B.if she could kindly write me back. She can write back at her convience. I hope I got my language skills on target. Love and prayer and blessings. Robin Larson Hardnett


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