Would You Help A Cuban Pastor?

service10.jpegOver the last 10 years, I’ve had a wonderful and exciting ministry in Cuba where I’ve been able to assist national pastors with their ministries.  For security reasons, I am never really able to share everything I’d like to share in my public reports, but the work of the Lord is happening all over Cuba and in the midst of difficult economic times, I always come back from my visits inspired by the faith, sacrifice and dedication of those with whom I partner there.  The needs are HUGE and life is simply a daily struggle due to the embargo situation.  A large percentage of what I do there is humanitarian in its orientation as we assist these national pastors with the basic necessities for living that they might be able to do the other work to which God has called them.  We have HIGH accountability, careful screening and regular visits to make sure good stewardship is performed.

I just returned with a fresh list of things I am needing to send or take over there in the coming weeks.  I’m regularly blown away by how people step up to assist me in obtaining these items.  I use a portion of my second income with Liberty University to fund this ministry and am joined by two wonderful Cuban Americancuba2008-262.jpg ladies who have given so sacrificially over the years, that I’m humbled to think of it.   Then I have Cuban-American friends, Blog Readers, Facebook Friends, former students and sometimes just anonymous benefactors who have also helped.  I’ve learned to just put the need “out there” and let God take care of the rest.

So with that in mind, I share my current list of significant needs.  Some might seem silly and trivial, but believe me, for them — it can be a big deal.  An example is shoes.  They have very limited sizes.  One of our pastors wears a size 12EEE.  IMPOSSIBLE to get there.  One of the pastor’s sons wears a size 29/36 pair of jeans.  Again, impossible.  So by bringing simple items like these with me, it changes lives.  The list follows — I am putting the item with all specifics down and the estimated price.  If the Lord leads you to assist, you can either send the item to me or the funds and I will get the item.  I’ll explain how to get things or funds to me at the end.

Items for Ministry and Pastoral Education

  • 10 More Kindles to provide a theological library for each pastor — $69 each
  • Funds to purchase the 80 theological texts on the Kindles — $500
  • 4 Bicycles for Pastor transportation -$200 each
  • 20 used digital cameras w/chargers and memory cards (for ministry reports)
  • $400 for a bicycle repair fund
  • $100 per month for fuel for the ministry car which serves the entire country from Santiago de Cuba to Havana
  • Used iPods and mini-speakers for music in the house churches
  • Funds for plastic stackable stools for seating in house churches — $12 USD each.  (Approximately 100 needed)
  • Musical instruments — New or Used — tambourines, maracas, bongos, guitar strings, latin rhythm instruments,
  • Spoons and Forks (non-disposable, at least 70 – for training conferences)
  • Plastic Tumblers (at least 70 — for training conferences)

 Items for Individuals and Families
(Some of these are very specific for individuals that I identified on my trip)

  • 2 pairs of 12eee (extra-wide) shoes (running/walking)  — $80 each
  • Shoes (Various Needs — $40 per pair)
  • Umbrellas for Women (20 — need to be compact, but full size due to heavy tropical rains.)
  • Watches for Pastor’s Wives (20)
  • Eye drops
  • Work Gloves (12 pair – heavy duty)
  • Irrigation supplies for micro-business project — $300
  • Rubber Boots (size 10) 2 Pair ($30 each)
  • Wire fencing pliers w/side snips
  • Men’s Hankerchiefs
  • Portable Sewing Machine (Used is fine)
  • New/Used Portable/Rechargeable Drill w/Bits
  • New/Used Plug-in Drill w/Bits
  • New/Used Small power hand saw with extra blades
  • Small (1-gal) garden sprayer ($30)
  • Women’s clothes — Size 0
  • Clothing for teens and children — (I have the sizes/needs) — $200
  • 34 inch boy’s belt
  • Light blanket — 3 for single beds, 1 for double bed (Think Tropical)

If you’d like to mail a donation (item or check) — the address is Dan Burrell, Life Fellowship Church, 16507 Northcross Drive, Suite B, Huntersville, NC — Mark it to my attention.  Do not write Cuba on the check, but just let me know what it is for in separate correspondence.  All checks should be made payable to Life Fellowship Church.

If you’d like to give online, click HERE. It’s easy to register and simply click on “MISSIONS” and type in “Burrell-Cuba” and it will get to me.  Your gift is tax deductible.

Or if you have a question: Drop me a line at DBurrell@lifecharlotte.com!

Thanks in advance for responding as the Lord leads you!  These guys are amazing and you are making a huge difference in their lives.

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