The Auschwitz in Philadelphia…

abortion.jpgIf there was ever a death penalty case — this is it, right here. (<– Click on the link to read the article.)  How anyone can support abortion, politicians who support abortion, medical practices who recommend abortion, gynecologists who endorse abortion — is just beyond me.  This is intentional, pre-meditated murder and I believe both the medical personnel and the woman carrying the child should be prosecuted.  This “medical assistant” is as guilty as the SS Guard who dropped the acid tablets into the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

And enough of this mamby-pamby attitude toward females who want to get rid of their child — this is cold-blooded murder and they are as culpable as is the doctor.

abortion2.jpgWhiny liberals weeping at abused dogs and clubbed seals while support this genocidal butchery have ZERO credibility.  These are human beings — Defenseless, helpless, innocent babies. — who are being “put down” with less dignity than they’d give an aging Rover.  Anyone who feigns compassion for snail darters and spotted owls and unspayed kitties and doesn’t speak out against abortion is a hypocrite.

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