Monday Morning Smiles — “The Beards of the Brethren”

Monday’s are sometimes tough days of recovery for those in ministry, so I thought I’d give you something to smile at.  This has been going around the blogosphere recently (Sharper Iron, Out of Ur, Leadership, etc…), so I’m not sure where it actually originated but here we have it — “The Beards of the Brethren”.  Enjoy!




The only one missing is “The Legalist” which is clean-shaven with a couple of small pieces of bloody-toilet paper applied to the upper neck. This is worn by those who equate any form of facial hair with those nasty, counter-revolutionary hippies of 40 years ago and who must be exposed at every level. And woe to you should you be wearing wire-rim glasses while rockin’ a beard. Didn’t you know that Jesus wore his hair in white-walled style military haircut and shaved every morning with his Gabriel Super 2000 electric razor?


So what’s your favorite?  What are you sporting currently?  Have any others been missed?

One thought on “Monday Morning Smiles — “The Beards of the Brethren”

  1. Michael

    i am partial to the neo-reformed. I like the idea of smothering the Arminian with my beard scent of beer and pipe tobacco. lol


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