Now Is The Time for All Good Men….to stand up and oppose Gun Control

2amendment.jpgThe Gun Control hue is increasing rapidly.

Some are now specifically calling for confiscation.

If you say this can’t happen or it can’t happen quickly– I have one word for you: Obamacare.

They keep saying, “Hunter’s don’t need ‘assault’ rifles.” That’s like saying, “Writer’s don’t need to be able to draw political cartoons.”

That is not the point of the 1st Amendment and hunting is not the point of the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment is not about our right to hunt. It is about our right to protect ourselves from Tyranny. If the 1st Amendment can be construed to protect pornography and lying about your military service awards (both upheld by the SCOTUS), then the 2nd Amendment must be interpreted to protect types of guns that some might find “offensive”.

The NRA needs to step back out of the shadows and get front and center about this NOW. This is not a time for weakness or fear of being unpopular. What if Obama/Holder decide to do by Executive Order what they may not be able to do legislatively with gun control? With each power grab, this President looks more and more like Hugo Chavez and remember, he has been popularly elected by the poor and ignorant over and over again.

Obama is polarizing this country so deeply and quickly that conversations about secession and even the potential for Civil War are now being held in previously polite circles. If the American public thought that what happened on December 14th was a massacre, how much more of a massacre should be expected should they try to take the guns of 60 million determined and ticked-off gun owners by force? But in the words of Rahm Emmanuel, this administration is not going to “waste a good crisis” in order to advance their agenda at the expense of our liberties. They keep drawing the line deeper, clearer and more deeply on OUR side of the Constitution. These are dangerous days of shocking change. We must be vigilant in educating others.

Never under-estimate the tenacity with which extremist liberals and socialists and their media machine are prepared to exercise their power in order to get their way.

6 thoughts on “Now Is The Time for All Good Men….to stand up and oppose Gun Control

  1. Mark Johnson

    With no hidden agenda and honest personal interest, is there a scriptural basis or scriptural principles to defend your position? Thanks for any response you can give.

  2. Dan Burrell Post author

    Mark….the Bible doesn’t address many important topics that impact us on a daily basis. I believe one can argue derived principles through the institution of the family and the father’s responsibility as protector on a home level, however, the 2nd amendment is about the right of citizens to hold its government accountable. There are some writings available on the Biblical defense of the American Revolution and most historians will agree that without the consent of the religious leadership of that day, the American Revolution would have been impossible.

    But in my view, this is not a spiritual or moral issue, but a constitutional one. In their wisdom, the Founding Fathers found such dangers from a strong federal government sufficient to prepare the people to take action if necessary. What if they federal government decided to take the land of the citizens or the savings or the children? In most countries where this has occurred, the citizenry was unarmed. There is clear historical evidence that the fact that American citizens have arms stopped the Japanese from invading the mainland during WW2.

    So I guess my response in brief would be that I don’t know that I could make a crystal clear case for the 2nd Amendment and it’s defense. But I’m OK with that as neither could I find any indication against it as well. I think it is important that we never ignore any clear directive in Scripture. I also think it important that we don’t try to make Scripture try to say things that it clearly doesn’t say.


  3. Will

    A new Civil War may be the only hope to rescue America from Abraham Lincoln’s America that has grown up into Obama’s Federal Monarchy that needs to be squashed like King George III. If you were not aware of it, the USA of 1776 died in 1865 at Appomattox. The only problem is, if God didn’t give the CSA success in the 1860′s, how much less would God give success to a much more guilty nation that may only be fighting against the long deserved judgment that God has placed us under.

  4. Ben

    Saying that you CAN’T own a weapon because of it’s style is as ridiculous as saying you CAN own a human because of his race. The 13th amendment was adopted in this country so that men could be free. The second amendment was adopted so that men could be free. Let us be free. Do not affirm only the freedoms you value but hold the freedoms your fellow man values as well.

    I have no respect for a country that enslaves mankind. Enslavement is the opposite of freedom.

  5. Mark Johnson

    I’ve been off-line for almost a month, but I wanted to thank you for your response. I truly appreciate what you said and found it most helpful.


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