No Cards — Just Money, Please. :-)

noelchurch.jpegThe title for this entry is meant to be playful, but there is a serious bent to it as well. 

This time of year, we often start getting wonderful Christmas cards by thoughtful people. Several years ago, I noticed that many of these cards cost $5 or more bucks apiece. Postage is another .45 cents. Every year since then, I’ve tried to respectfully suggest that if you intend on doing this, I’d be most appreciative if you would send me an email saying “Merry Christmas” and let me know how you are doing and then taking that $5 or more dollars and donating it to the Cuban ministry I support.

I’ve literally been privileged to funnel tens of thousands of dollars — probably more than $100K to the important work that is going on with national pastors in Cuba. Right now, we are supporting over 30 national pastors in their work. $5 takes care of a family for about 4 full days. None of it is taken for administrative work — we pay our own travel and expenses. 100% goes to Cuban ministry. So if you’d not send us a card, but would take that money and assign it to my Cuban Missionary fund, I’d be most grateful blessed and you’ll then have a part in this amazing work that the Lord has been blessing for over a decade now. Many thanks! The link to give online is HERE.

Just mark it to go to the “Cuba Fund” and it will get to the account I have set up there and it is fully tax deductible.


Also….this is just a warning, but I’m getting ready to start raising some funds for a REALLY FUN project we’re doing in Cuba, so set aside some fun mon for that in the near future.


(I don’t mind raising funds for things that do not benefit me.  None of this does.  If it offends you, it is not my intention.  Just say “no” and keep on moving.  It doesn’t offend me if you don’t want to help out.  It’s just that the Lord has used this blog to bless some really fantastic national pastors around the world over the years and I love being a small part of that.)

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