My Thoughts on the Last Debate

Getting quite a few questions on my view of the final Presidential debate.  Here’s my assessment….

I think it was probably Obama on perceived experience though he distorted his record and Mitt’s continually.  I think however that whatever Obama gained on points, he lost on condescension and snarkiness.  He really showed stunning contempt for Romney and that didn’t go down well with a lot of folks and I think particularly with Women who now only prefer Obama by 8% which is a huge shift from 2008. 

My personal opinion – if the election was today, Obama wins in a squeaker.  However, momentum is on Mitt’s side.  The next 48 hours will show whether or not momentum is slowed, stopped or reversed – in the event any of those happen – it’s edge to Obama in a cliffhanger.  If it isn’t, then Mitt wins – but I have no idea how big. 

I can’t figure out what is going on with the polls.  Gallup – historically liberal – has Romney up by 6-7 every day.  If that is accurate – Romney wins comfortably.  All the other polls – even the conservative Rasmussen Poll – has it as a tie.  Tie goes to Obama because of the electoral college.  It’s quite possible/probable that Romney wins the popular vote while Obama wins the electoral vote. 

90% chance of whoever wins Ohio becomes the next Prez.  If Obama takes Ohio, Romney must thread a needle with a very small eye – having to win NH, IA, CO and WI to get to 270 (assuming he wins Virginia and Florida.) 

Anyway you look at it – we’re going to have a VERY divided country on November 7th. 

And THAT’S today’s political report…..Now back to the real world!  LOL. J

One thought on “My Thoughts on the Last Debate

  1. Will Dudding

    Very divided indeed. We have two societies with two worldviews and two opposing sets of values living in our borders. I wonder how far out another civil war is. What would it take to trigger one?


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