The Hypocrisy that is “Pro-Choice”

You simply HAVE to take a minute and watch these interviews from the recent Democrat National Convention held in my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.  The issue of Abortion is a very important and very personal issue for me and I frankly do not care if someone is offended by my discussion of it from any angle.  This video shows you the lack of intellectual integrity the “pro-choicers” have when it comes to the slaughter of innocent children in their mother’s womb.  It would be humorous were we not talking about racist, xenophobic genocide.

View it HERE.

3 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy that is “Pro-Choice”

  1. Jason Kennamer

    Speaking of “pro-choice”, I actually have a problem with the term “pro-life”. This is not a left or right issue but in generality, falls that way. The same people that would call abortion murder or genocide will be the first to support the increase in military spending, the cancellation of programs to assist families with young children that are in need, the teaching of abstinence in leau of proper sex education, and worst of all, the death penalty.

    I contend that these people are not “pro-life” but “pro-birth”. Pro-life does have a happy ring to it, but if you’re pro-war or pro-death penalty, you’re simply living a lie.

    I agree that every life is precious. I agree that abortion is tragic. I also believe that increasing military spending is wrong. I believe that denying government support to needy young children is wrong. All of these things don’t support life, and the military uses weapons to inflict death.

    So, as you go about thinking what abortion is to you, think about what point life becomes a little less meaningful and how you might believe or support that. If people were truly pro-life, wouldn’t our focus be on medicine, education, and general well-being, rather than how much those shiny F-35s are going to cost us?

  2. Dan Burrell Post author

    Jason….not enough time to answer in depth right now, so I’ll do the Cliff Note’s version…..

    1. Conservatives/Pro-Lifers don’t fit into that neat little stereotype like you describe.

    2. I’m would categorize myself as anti-war except in direct self-defense. I would have opposed all five of our most recent wars (from Korea forward). Google “Just War”.

    3. Not only would I say I wouldn’t vote to cancel programs to assist families with young children….I do it twice. Once with my tax dollars and a second time with my tithe (and often a third on my own.) However, I believe also in giving a hand and not merely a hand-out. I also am against subsidizing ongoing immorality. Charity should be voluntary — not coerced.

    4. I don’t believe schools have any business teaching sex at all. Leave that to the family. The fact that the family does or doesn’t do a good job is irrelevant. Let the schools teach academics; let families and churches teach values. FTR, I’m also against authority lead prayers in school. That doesn’t fit the stereotype of Christian conservative, does it?

    5. Comparing Abortion and the Death Penalty is comparing oranges and eggs. They may both be sort of round, but the aren’t the same. One is about the innocent who has no choice or options and the other is about justice for the guilty and the cognizant choices that were made by the perpetrator against a victim. We must protect the innocent from the guilty — that’s true in abortion and that’s true in criminal justice. The Hebrew word in the Ten Commandments would be best translated, “Thou shalt not murder”. For those who believe the Bible, it clearly gives the civil government the right to execute a guilty man who willfully endanger society.

    Finally….the fact that justice or protection may not being applied in one area does not negate the need for it to be provided in a single area. In other words, funding unjust wars does not cancel out the crime of murdering a preborn child or make it any less heinous.

  3. Jason Kennamer

    As for your views, I’m glad to see that. One of the things that turns me off to the GOP is the military budget. I can’t for the life of me see how you can make statements about how pro-choicers are so bad and want to build bombs in the next. I firmly contend that these folks are indeed pro-birth, because they clearly have no problem with waging geo-political wars across the world and the killing of innocents in foreign countries.

    I still remain anti death penalty. Primarily due to the risk of murdering an innocent or someone who’s mental capacity is hindered.


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