It’s Not Just Adultery…..Jack Schaap and the latest IFB Tragedy

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately.  I’ll be returning soon enough.  Life’s busy.  Facebook often scratches my itch to “rant”.  I’m in a position now where I must measure my words a bit more carefully than I have done in the past. 

All that said, yet ANOTHER “big name” IFB (the group of my past where I got my start many moons ago and have long since left) “star” has been revealed to be a sexual predator.  In recent years, I have reached a conclusion about which I will someday right that links extremist religious sects of every stripe — from Mormons to Baptists to Muslims to Catholics — to some common characteristics including the degradation and low view of women, an obsession with power and control and a perverted — often predatory, view of sex.  The anecdotal evidence is just over-whelming.  Jack Schaap, the Senior Pastor of the largest IFB church in the country, was recently fired by the church deacon board of First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN for having an affair with a 16-year old kid in his church.  I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not.  All one had to do was read transcripts or watch you tube videos of his sermons and you would see an incredibly twisted and perverse view of sexuality that should have made reasonable people walk out of that church in droves.  Sadly, like frogs in hot water, most had become acclimated to the perversity and verbal abuse that is part of much of that movement.  Immediately, spin began in certain circles, trying to make it less appalling.  For thinking people, it hasn’t worked.

Lifeway Publications, Ed Setzer wrote an excellent article about the whole topic.  It completely nailed much of what I’ve been thinking.  I recommend that you take a minute and read it.  You’ll find it HERE.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Adultery…..Jack Schaap and the latest IFB Tragedy

  1. Brent Coffey

    I am not defending Jack Schaap or those who cultishly follow egotistical personalities, but (in fairness) both Schaap and the girl have denied that any sex occurred. Their denial may be untrue. Though, if they’re telling the truth when they claim that they just kissed, then this moral crime is less severe than most cases of adultery between a pastor and a teen, and that’s worth noting. Again, I’m not defending Schaap, and I fully agree that he should have been fired.

  2. Rad

    Wisdom Hunter (a novel published in 1991, and still on the market today) illustrates the destructiveness of dictatorial and authoritarian pastors. Many consider the book to be a “classic”. The author graduated from Tennessee Temple University, and grew up in the Independent Baptist camp. When the book was first released, it was banned at many Independent Baptist churches, even Bob Jones University. Maybe the author had something to say that was, and is, worth listening to.

  3. Dan Burrell Post author

    Brent….I appreciate your willingness to withhold judgement, but his father-in-law claimed the same thing, but his own daughter doesn’t believe it. Jack learned at the feet of the master. The FBI doesn’t investigate people on suspicion of kissing. I’d also be interested in knowing your source for the denial, because I’ve read in at least 2 places that he admitted that it was sexual. Also, you need to know how these people work — I wouldn’t be the least surprised to find out that they are playing with the definition of “sex” ala Bill Clinton. Schaap should have been removed from the pulpit years ago for his heresy. This incident is just the coup de grace in my opinion.

  4. Dave

    Good to see you back Dan! Mt 18:6 “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Let’s not forget the children of abuse!!


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