Here’s a “Must-Read” Article for Parents

john-rosemond.jpgFor years, I’ve read after John Rosemond.  Many try to dismiss him as “old school”, but in truth, he’s one of the best parenting advisors on the scene today.  I highly recommend his books and for years, his weekly parenting article was in our local paper, The Charlotte Observer.  (I quit subscribing years ago as their editorial board is one of the most liberal ever and it just constantly ticked me off with their lack of balance.  I don’t mind reading liberals, I’d just like there to be something of a pretense of hearing both sides from a newspaper.  You get none of that from The Observer.)

Today, I saw an article written on John that I wanted to share with my Whirled Views readers in hopes that you might be introduced to him if you haven’t heard of him and because the article itself has some important, true and thought-provoking content. 

Do yourself a favor and read this article and then go get some of his work.  You’ll be glad you did.

HERE’s the article.

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