A Free Offer from “WORLD” Magazine that you’ll want to try

201009-world-magazine.jpgI’ve been a long-time reader of “World Magazine” and am good friends with it’s co-publisher, Warren Smith, who is a respected journalist and author.  They are offering an incredible opportunity to get a FREE 3-month subscription to the magazine right now.  The incredible thing is that usually, you have to give them your credit card number, social security number, IQ of your first four children, your weight and your cholesterol count to get the free issues and then they “automatically” bill you to death if you don’t cancel with them on time (and sometimes if you do.)  There’s none of that in this deal.  Just sign up with your address and you are good to go.  (BTW, the code is “VIDEO” on the front page to get the deal.)

If you want a quality news magazine with a Biblical worldview, this magazine is for YOU.  I bet you’ll want to subscribe after your free 6 issues!

HERE’S the Link.

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