Will you give me your Kindle for Christmas?

Well, it’s not really for me.  I have a Kindle.  Better yet, I have an Ipad.  That’s why I don’t use amazon-kindle-3.jpgmy Kindle anymore.  But I know someone who can — my pastor friend in Cuba.  They can’t download books there with Amazon’s “whispernet”, but I can load a TON of theology books in both English and Spanish (he’s bilingual), take it to him, and he can literally have an entire library of hundreds of books on one single E-Reader.  Can you imagine what an amazing tool this could mean for him?

So, I’ve got thirty other Cuban national pastors that we support and work with who barely own a Bible and virtually no theology books.  I started thinking — with Kindles now available for as low as $100, what if I could get 30 friends to send me their old one or buy a new one for a Christmas gift and I could load them with good books and take an entire library for each pastor with me on my next trip in February?  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Maybe you are like me and had a Kindle, but like the IPad reader better, so you aren’t using it any more.  I’ll be brash — I’d like for you to give me your old one.

mcuba.gifMaybe you enjoy doing something nice for someone at Christmas — How about doing something for a guy who makes less than $1 per day and lives in a house with no air or heat or hot water or toilet seat and who has never driven a car and doesn’t have a library and sometimes doesn’t have electricity or running water?  Think that might be something pretty special for them?  I know so!  So order a Kindle (your choice) on Cyber-Monday and send it my way.  I promise you that every single one of them will get to a pastor in Cuba.

Perhaps you can’t afford a Kindle, but you will send an Amazon gift card via email or snail mail.  That would be awesome, because right now, I’m buying all these books on my own.  That would be a big help in any amount.

I promise that 100% of what you give will go directly to Cuba.  Nothing stays here and nothing cuban-church.jpgsticks to me.  It all goes.  Some of you have been tremendous blessings over the years to the Cuban church planters who are part of our ministry.  I have to be very careful about how I report about them or identify them for their own safety, but it would make you cry to hear their stories — at least it always does me.

So think about it — I know it’s brash to ask straight up like this, but it’s not for me and I know how bad they need these kinds of tools there.  I’ve probably got 10,000 books in my two houses and two offices.  They may have 3.  They are better men than I could ever hope to be in ministry — they know suffering every day.  I don’t.  They have cute little kids and sweet wives.  They are real people who weep and worry and hurt.  I want to help them.  Will you join me.

So….send me your Kindle.  It will be a huge blessing to a  wonderful pastor in Cuba.

To contact me: email me @ dburrell@lifecharlotte.com or you can send your Kindle to:

Dan Burrell
c/o Life Fellowship
16507 Northcross Drive, Suite B
Huntersville, NC 28078

4 thoughts on “Will you give me your Kindle for Christmas?

  1. Debbie Snyder

    I wish I could help! My dad asked for a kindle for Christmas too and we are trying to find a way to get an iPad for my two special kids. But I think this is a fantastic idea! I will be praying that the funds needed come in.

  2. Jim Broestler

    Hmmmm. That would be the one way to convince my wife to let me get a Kindle Fire :) Ok, so that’s rank self-interest talking, but it’s a great idea regardless. It might be possible. If so I will message you.

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