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Vacation in Beautiful Lake Lure, North Carolina

front.jpgHave you put off booking a place for a lovely North Carolina mountain vacation near a beautiful lake?  Well here’s your chance!  Rent our home in gorgeous Lake Lure, NC just 5 minutes from the Lake Lure beach, marina, swimming pools, lazy river, fitness center, volleyball courts, tennis, horseshoes, mini-golf, restaurants, championship golf, hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, zip-lines and more.  In less than an hour, you can be at Biltmore Estates, riding the Blue Ridge Parkway, shopping, dining and exploring Asheville.  This is NOT a cabin, but a fully-equipped home with internet, satellite TV, pingpong, foosball and other games, waterview, master suite lake-lure.jpgwith King-size bed, enough room for a large family and a private setting with tons of wildlife around.  You can enjoy this entire 3 bedroom house, save money cooking at home, control your schedule and all at about the cost of a local hotel room.

For pictures, availability and rental information, click on THIS link.

Note: While this is our private home, it is under the management of a rental agency and all reservations MUST be made through them.

playroom.jpg dining-room.jpg deck.jpg bedroom-3.jpg bedroom-2.jpg backview.jpg master-bedroom.jpg living-room.jpg


Jack-Booted Fascists of the Radical Left Take on Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson


In one of the most insane moves since Coke introduced “New Coke” to a fan base that didn’t want corporate eggheads messing with the things they enjoyed, A&E announced tonight that they are suspending Duck Dynasty star and patriarch Phil Robertson for personal remarks he made opposing homosexuality.  Instantly, the twitterverse lit up with boycotts, outrage and disgust — similar to that found when the LBGT extremists took on Chick-Fil-A because the founder also expressed his personal opinions.

Once again, the public is shown that “tolerance” is a one-way street and the First Amendment doesn’t apply to those who dare refuse the group think of political correctness.  Every time the Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD or any other LBGTQ spokesmen gets the vapors over someone daring to question their lifestyle choices, some corporate scaredy cat freaks and throws freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to free expression of unpopular thoughts or opinions under the bus faster than one can say “Rosie O’Donnell”.

Hopefully, the rocket-scientist dropouts at A&E will get a hopper-full of email post haste which might drive them to their senses.  Care to drop the fine folks in charge an email expressing your opinion (while you still can without getting kicked off the internet)?  Here’s the contact email:

Here’s a list of the A&E Stations:

Here’s a link to the article announcing the decision:


A Time for Rejoicing…

papa-and-ellie.jpgSo pleased today to welcome our very first grandchild into the world, “Ellie Madelynn Mook”, sweet daughter of our kids, Justin and Megan (Burrell) Mook.  She put mom through it with a 31-hour labor and delivery, but she was well worth the wait!  Julie was able to be there for the delivery and that was a sweet gift to her from ellie.jpgJustin and Megan as she shared in the wonder and excitement of her arrival.  We are constantly humbled by God’s goodness to us and this precious little soul is among the greatest gifts we’ve ever received.  We have been praying for her and will continue to pray that God will form her in the image of His image and will so that she might glorify Him with her entire life.

Would You Help A Cuban Pastor?

service10.jpegOver the last 10 years, I’ve had a wonderful and exciting ministry in Cuba where I’ve been able to assist national pastors with their ministries.  For security reasons, I am never really able to share everything I’d like to share in my public reports, but the work of the Lord is happening all over Cuba and in the midst of difficult economic times, I always come back from my visits inspired by the faith, sacrifice and dedication of those with whom I partner there.  The needs are HUGE and life is simply a daily struggle due to the embargo situation.  A large percentage of what I do there is humanitarian in its orientation as we assist these national pastors with the basic necessities for living that they might be able to do the other work to which God has called them.  We have HIGH accountability, careful screening and regular visits to make sure good stewardship is performed.

I just returned with a fresh list of things I am needing to send or take over there in the coming weeks.  I’m regularly blown away by how people step up to assist me in obtaining these items.  I use a portion of my second income with Liberty University to fund this ministry and am joined by two wonderful Cuban Americancuba2008-262.jpg ladies who have given so sacrificially over the years, that I’m humbled to think of it.   Then I have Cuban-American friends, Blog Readers, Facebook Friends, former students and sometimes just anonymous benefactors who have also helped.  I’ve learned to just put the need “out there” and let God take care of the rest.

So with that in mind, I share my current list of significant needs.  Some might seem silly and trivial, but believe me, for them — it can be a big deal.  An example is shoes.  They have very limited sizes.  One of our pastors wears a size 12EEE.  IMPOSSIBLE to get there.  One of the pastor’s sons wears a size 29/36 pair of jeans.  Again, impossible.  So by bringing simple items like these with me, it changes lives.  The list follows — I am putting the item with all specifics down and the estimated price.  If the Lord leads you to assist, you can either send the item to me or the funds and I will get the item.  I’ll explain how to get things or funds to me at the end.

Items for Ministry and Pastoral Education

  • 10 More Kindles to provide a theological library for each pastor — $69 each
  • Funds to purchase the 80 theological texts on the Kindles — $500
  • 4 Bicycles for Pastor transportation -$200 each
  • 20 used digital cameras w/chargers and memory cards (for ministry reports)
  • $400 for a bicycle repair fund
  • $100 per month for fuel for the ministry car which serves the entire country from Santiago de Cuba to Havana
  • Used iPods and mini-speakers for music in the house churches
  • Funds for plastic stackable stools for seating in house churches — $12 USD each.  (Approximately 100 needed)
  • Musical instruments — New or Used — tambourines, maracas, bongos, guitar strings, latin rhythm instruments,
  • Spoons and Forks (non-disposable, at least 70 – for training conferences)
  • Plastic Tumblers (at least 70 — for training conferences)

 Items for Individuals and Families
(Some of these are very specific for individuals that I identified on my trip)

  • 2 pairs of 12eee (extra-wide) shoes (running/walking)  — $80 each
  • Shoes (Various Needs — $40 per pair)
  • Umbrellas for Women (20 — need to be compact, but full size due to heavy tropical rains.)
  • Watches for Pastor’s Wives (20)
  • Eye drops
  • Work Gloves (12 pair – heavy duty)
  • Irrigation supplies for micro-business project — $300
  • Rubber Boots (size 10) 2 Pair ($30 each)
  • Wire fencing pliers w/side snips
  • Men’s Hankerchiefs
  • Portable Sewing Machine (Used is fine)
  • New/Used Portable/Rechargeable Drill w/Bits
  • New/Used Plug-in Drill w/Bits
  • New/Used Small power hand saw with extra blades
  • Small (1-gal) garden sprayer ($30)
  • Women’s clothes — Size 0
  • Clothing for teens and children — (I have the sizes/needs) — $200
  • 34 inch boy’s belt
  • Light blanket — 3 for single beds, 1 for double bed (Think Tropical)

If you’d like to mail a donation (item or check) — the address is Dan Burrell, Life Fellowship Church, 16507 Northcross Drive, Suite B, Huntersville, NC — Mark it to my attention.  Do not write Cuba on the check, but just let me know what it is for in separate correspondence.  All checks should be made payable to Life Fellowship Church.

If you’d like to give online, click HERE. It’s easy to register and simply click on “MISSIONS” and type in “Burrell-Cuba” and it will get to me.  Your gift is tax deductible.

Or if you have a question: Drop me a line at!

Thanks in advance for responding as the Lord leads you!  These guys are amazing and you are making a huge difference in their lives.

Robert Bork – the Lost Soldier of Conservative Jurisprudence

The family of Judge Robert Bork released news of his death this morning.  Bork was an intellectual giant and would have arguably been one of the greatest Supreme Court Justices in American history.   But like a promiseing military officer cut down in an early battle of a long war, Bork was never allowed to display his brilliance.  It is widely thought that his intellect would have even over-shadowed the current reputation of Antonin Scalia who is often regarded as the conservative “heavy” on the court. One of the greatest travesties of the 20th century was the hatchet job that Teddy Kennedy did on the brilliant Bork.  So vile was the attack, a new verb 0bork.jpgwas coined to describe an unfair political assault on an individual – “borking”.  (In March 2002, the Oxford English Dictionary added an entry for the verb Bork as U.S. political slang, with this definition: “To defame or vilify (a person) systematically, esp. in the mass media, usually with the aim of preventing his or her appointment to public office; to obstruct or thwart (a person) in this way.)

The unusually partisan battle over his nomination plagues nominees to this day as character assassination and political one-upmanship are now modus operendi — particularly for conservative nominees.  Feminist Florence Kennedy used the term “borking” to describe what she was attempting to do when Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Court.  Another legacy of this political assassination has been that anyone nominated to the Supreme Court from that day to this one, know better than to clearly state his/her opinions or philosophy during the confirmation hearings.  Today’s nominees must be nearly stealth candidates who know how to hide their records and their opinions until they are sworn in. 

Ronald Reagan nominated Anthony Kennedy after Bork was voted down (he refused to withdraw his name even when he knew he would be defeated as a show of defiance to what was happening) rather than to choose another strong conservative.  To this day, Kennedy is a squishy conservative at best, often playing the role of deciding vote on many cases. 

Bork would later write a book in 2003 entitled, “Slouching Toward Gomorrah” which was prophetic tome that remains a must read for thinking conservatives in my opinion. 

America is poorer today because he never served on the Supreme Court and sadly, while the immoral Kennedy was celebrated as a hero upon his death, few will genuinely reflect on what might have been now that Bork has passed.

No Cards — Just Money, Please. :-)

noelchurch.jpegThe title for this entry is meant to be playful, but there is a serious bent to it as well. 

This time of year, we often start getting wonderful Christmas cards by thoughtful people. Several years ago, I noticed that many of these cards cost $5 or more bucks apiece. Postage is another .45 cents. Every year since then, I’ve tried to respectfully suggest that if you intend on doing this, I’d be most appreciative if you would send me an email saying “Merry Christmas” and let me know how you are doing and then taking that $5 or more dollars and donating it to the Cuban ministry I support.

I’ve literally been privileged to funnel tens of thousands of dollars — probably more than $100K to the important work that is going on with national pastors in Cuba. Right now, we are supporting over 30 national pastors in their work. $5 takes care of a family for about 4 full days. None of it is taken for administrative work — we pay our own travel and expenses. 100% goes to Cuban ministry. So if you’d not send us a card, but would take that money and assign it to my Cuban Missionary fund, I’d be most grateful blessed and you’ll then have a part in this amazing work that the Lord has been blessing for over a decade now. Many thanks! The link to give online is HERE.

Just mark it to go to the “Cuba Fund” and it will get to the account I have set up there and it is fully tax deductible.


Also….this is just a warning, but I’m getting ready to start raising some funds for a REALLY FUN project we’re doing in Cuba, so set aside some fun mon for that in the near future.


(I don’t mind raising funds for things that do not benefit me.  None of this does.  If it offends you, it is not my intention.  Just say “no” and keep on moving.  It doesn’t offend me if you don’t want to help out.  It’s just that the Lord has used this blog to bless some really fantastic national pastors around the world over the years and I love being a small part of that.)

Major Change of Leadership at Pensacola Christian College

It’s just hit the news that Arlin Horton has announced to the college staff and student body that he and his wife, Beka, founders of Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola Christian Academy, A Beka Books and multiple susidiaries, will be retiring in May.  Troy Shoemaker has been named the new president. 

HERE’S the link to the website news release.

Check Out “Trusting God”

I am honored to be a friend of Gwen Smith, one of the founders of “Girlfriends in God” — a ladies ministry of encouragement that has been a blessing to my own wife and many across the country.  She 000trusting-god-cover-higher-res.jpgis joined in this ministry with Mary Southerland (wife of Pastor Dan Southerland who wrote the book “Transitioning” and was the founding pastor of Flamingo Road Church in South Florida) and Sharon Jaynes.  Gwen’s husband, Brad, is one of the elders at our church, Life Fellowship, in the Lake Norman area of metropolitan Charlotte, NC.

Girlfriends in God” has just released their newest book, “Trusting God“.  As they decribe it, “Just trust me” are the words we often hear in movies just before something bad happens. And yet, we are told to trust God. In a culture where we tend to take control of our own lives, trusting God has become a religious platitude rather than a life-changing attitude. We say it, but do we really mean it? And what does trusting God really look like?  Each of these ladies has gone through life experiences when they simply had to hang on and trust God as life took wild turns and nerve-wracking bends.  The books has 12 Bible-study lessons and a place to journal as well.

gig-7277-better.jpegOf the three “Girlfriends”, I know Gwen best because we attend the same church and Brad and I work together in leadership at our church.  Gwen is one of those effervescent personalities that makes one want to charge hades with a water pistol when you hear about her passion for the Gospel and growing in grace.  At the same time, she’s known her share of tough times and personal challenges.  She’s a wife, mother of some super-great kids, worship leader for many conferences and helps with our teams at the church and still takes the time to nurture her own walk with the Lord and helps other ladies do the same.  That’s why I’m recommending her book.  She’s the real deal and I know enough about her partners in ministry to know that they are as well.  Gwen is also the author of “Broken into Beautiful.”

It’s Christmas time and this book would make a great present for your wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend or colleague.  You can pick up a paperback copy or a Kindle edition HERE.

Congratulations to our Free Give-Away Winners: Jason Pyles and Terry Pettigrew.  Your books are in the mail!

Need a Winter Getaway? Try Renting Our Lake Lure Home

front.jpgPeople need breaks during the “off-season” as well as during the summer months and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina is a perfect place to get some R and R, chillax, make some family memories or just take a second honeymoon.  We have recently returned our vacation/retirement home to the rental market and invite you to consider spending a few days or longer at this beautiful, full-equipped house in Lake Lure, North Carolina. 

The house is not a cabin and it’s not rustic.  This is a nicely-appointed house with all the amenities from satellite TV to wireless internet to laundry facilities to a king-sized bed in a master suite with a jacuzzi garden tub.  Sleeps 8 easily (and 10 if you have smaller children) and is on the side of a mountain that overlooks Mirror Lake.  It is within the Rumbling Bald Resort which means that year-around golfing on two breath-taking championship courses, spa, health lake-lure.jpgclub, basketball, marina, mini-golf, pool and lazy river, volleyball, horseshoes, beach, hiking, fishing, tennis, indoor pool, movie rental, restaurants and more just minutes away.  Also in the area is beautiful Chimney Rock Park, the Biltmore, horseback riding, skiing, shopping, Flat Rock Theater, hiking, restaurants, apple orchards, white water rafting, zip lines, lovely mountain drives and more.  If photography is your hobby, make sure you bring your camera as this is a photographer’s paradise with covered bridges, wildlife, mountain foliage, spectacular sunsets and much more ready to capture.

living-room.jpgThe house is family-friendly with books, videos, games, a foosball table, ping-pong table and fishing equipment readily available.  Save money by bringing in your own groceries and utilize the fully-equipped kitchen complete with microwave and dishwasher.  There is also a barbecue grill, deck and lovely porch.  There are tons of deer, wild turkey, squirrels, chipmunks and even the occasional little black bear running around.

Lake Lure is located 45 minutes from Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, one hour from Greenville, SC and 100 minutes from Charlotte.  Perfect location for going on day trips all around the area.

If you are in ministry (missionary, pastor, etc…), this is a great place to go to re-charge your batteries, write or read, doing planning or just reconnect to the Lord.  In addition, if you will write me, I’ll arrange a special “ministry rate” to make it affordable for just about every budget. 

Drop me a line at for more information or you can get more information from our broker by clicking on THIS LINK.  “Burrell’s Peaceful Cove” may be a place you want to visit year after year.  Now’s the time to get super-low nightly and weekly rates.