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Thirteen Stats You Need to Know About Planned Parenthood

Source: Aaron Earls, Facts and Trends Magazine;

    The latest undercover video shows a Planned Parenthood doctor discussing the ways their lawyers have developed layers to keep them from being caught selling aborted fetal parts. As they pick through remains of an aborted fetus, the doctor says, ‘It’s a baby.’ Later, a medical assistant exclaims, ‘Another boy!’  Those are not problems of ‘tone’ as Cecile Richards, president of the abortion provider stated earlier, those are admissions of truth. They acknowledge the reality that they work so hard to hide.  As pressure continues to mount over the content of undercover videos (not to mention a lawsuit claiming they aided a sexual predator in obtaining an abortion for a 13-year-old girl), Planned Parenthood and abortion proponents have resorted to several tactics to survive.

“They’ve threatened/begged journalists not to show the videos. StemExpress, a company mentioned in the videos as one who buys the aborted fetal parts, has sued to block the release of the videos.  Yesterday, Planned Parenthood took its website down after it claimed to be hacked. Except, their source coding referred to the landing page as a ‘campaign,’ which makes sense since the hackers kindly left their fund-raising page up and operational. While a group of hackers did claim to get into the site earlier this week, they said they were unable to do anything to the site because it was so ‘terribly configured.’ 
    “Regardless of where this leads from here on out, here are 13 facts to keep in mind during the discussion concerning Planned Parenthood and abortion.

1).  More than 57 million — Since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States, there have been almost 60 million human lives intentionally ended in the womb.
2).  $1,303,400,000 — In 2014, Planned Parenthood earned over $1.3 billion in revenue, more than $528 million of that was from taxpayer dollars.
3).  62% — In 2013, around 6 in 10 Americans know that Roe v. Wade dealt with the issue of abortion. However, only 44 percent of 18-29 year olds could correctly say it was the Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion.
4).  Around 9 — David Daleiden, one of individuals behind the videos, says they have around nine more videos to release from the 300 hours of undercover footage they have. He says they heard Planned Parenthood officials repeatedly say “they make money off of selling the parts of aborted babies and have a profit motive in doing so.”
5).  21 seconds — Less than half a minute after releasing the edited version of their initial video, CMP released the full, unedited video on YouTube. Despite many news reports concentrating on the edited videos, CMP has released the full version of all the videos up to this point.
6).  1/174 — For every adoption referral last year, Planned Parenthood performed 174 abortions. Their adoption referrals, contraceptive services, cancer prevention services, and contraceptive services all declined, while abortions rose. In 2013, abortions made up 94 percent of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services.
7).  0 — Number of mammograms Planned Parenthood does, despite repeated claims by them and their supporters. A Washington Post fact check says, “The problem here is that Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms or even possess the necessary equipment to do so.”
8).  50% — For the first time since 2008, a full half of Americans self-identify as pro-choice. But more Americans, especially the pro-life, view abortion as non-negotiable item when considering a politician. Now, 21 percent of Americans will not vote for someone who disagrees with them on abortion—the highest number ever. These surveys from Gallup were conducted in May, prior to the release of these videos, so some numbers may have shifted.
9).  8 — In 2009, the most recent year for which data is available, the Center for Disease Control confirmed eight abortion-related deaths. Possible abortion-related deaths that occurred during 2010-2013 are under investigation.
10).  Nearly 3 in 10 — About half of American women will have an unintended pregnancy, and nearly 3 in 10 will have an abortion, according to the Guttmacher institute, a research group that supports abortion.
11).  34% — Prior to the videos being released, 34 percent of Americans said they were satisfied with the current abortion policies—the lowest number since Gallup began asking the question in 2001. The drop has come from Republicans. Only 21 percent are satisfied, the lowest number yet and down 22 points from 2008. In the last two years, satisfaction among independents fell to its lowest—48 to 36 percent. Among those who are dissatisfied, twice as many want stricter abortion laws.
12).  0 — Pew surveyed individuals in 40 nations, in none of them did a majority of people say abortion is morally acceptable. In 26 of the countries, the majority felt the practice was morally unacceptable. Slightly less than half (49 percent) of Americans believe abortion is morally unacceptable, 17 percent say it is acceptable, and 23 percent believe it’s not a moral issue.
13).  7 — Out of 198 countries in the world, only seven allow abortions after 20 weeks: Canada, China, Netherlands, North Korea,  Singapore, Vietnam and the United States.”margaret-sanger-quotes-colored-people-are-like-human-weeds-a-politics-1413320876
Dan back for a word of commentary — I cannot imagine how someone can claim to have any sense of morality, any claim to humanity, any identity with compassion, any semblance of Christianity and support abortion and/or Planned Parenthood once the view the videos being discussed.  If you haven’t viewed them because you are afraid they will change your view of Planned Parenthood or abortion, they you are not only a coward, but a fool.  To willfully remain ignorant of such an atrocity is akin to listening to the screams of the tortured and those being gassed outside of Auschwitz and whistling a cheery tune as you stroll into the distance.  Those who support abortion are on the wrong side of Truth, morality, philosophy, ethics, faith,  humanity and history.  You are no better than slave owners, sex traffickers and ISIS members.  You have no claim to any high ground; particularly moral superiority, regardless of your rationale or justification.  In short, you should be ashamed of your silence.  Those who participate in the industry should be tried and convicted of crimes against humanity.  I pray that someday they will be.

And another one bites the dust….

Sometimes I hate to be right.

A decade ago, I wrote a series of articles on my blog (don’t look for them now, I took them down some time ago) on the problems facing the Christian Colleges largely supported by Independent Baptists. (I was still ensconced in that identity at the time.) It was a serious of 3-4 articles wherein I very pointedly named about a dozen things they would need to change if they were to survive in the coming decade. It created a firestorm. The articles got 10′s of thousands of hits — particularly in cities like Pensacola, Tampa/Clearwater, Greenville, Chattanooga, Springfield, MO, etc… I was informed I was no longer welcome on the campus of one of my alma maters for daring to publicly challenge them. Another one banned faculty and students from accessing my blog. (Such childish reactions, ftr.) Others accused me of being a rabble rouser.

Today, I heard that Clearwater Christian College is closing. This follows recent announcements from Tennessee Temple that this was their last year and they were “merging” with Piedmont (which has largely become an “online” institution) and also Northland International closed its doors. Prior to that, Calvary in Lansdale, PA had closed, as had Spurgeon Baptist Bible and Atlantic Coast Baptist. (Piedmont hoovered up their assets as the last two were closing.) Baptist University died. BJU has been hemorrhaging students in recent years as has Hyles — largely due to various scandals — and most other extreme right institutions affiliated with churches are barely functioning with the possible exceptions of Crown and West Coast which are both church-based colleges which will likely disappear when their founders die off or retire.. There are a handful of tiny ones run by churches, but they have never been credible. Cedarville does well, but they have moved more mainstream with excellent academics and a recent alignment with the SBC. Pensacola can afford to give away its education due to Beka Books, but otherwise would be struggling as they still don’t have credible accreditation. BBC/Clark Summit has changed its name as they struggle to find their niche and BBC/Springfield is on life support and I predict they’ll be one of the next 2-3 to close. Boston Baptist and Davis are about as small as a school can get before it collapses without outside support. Liberty has sucked the life out of most evangelical schools as they have developed a world-class campus and a national student body base with nearly 100,000 students. Ironically, some of these schools once had robust student bodies numbers in the thousands at their peak. (BJU/TTU/BBC-Springfield had 4,000+, HAC had nearly 3,000. BBC/CS had around 1,000.)

Years ago, I noted that if these schools wanted to survive they had to start thinking regionally, instead of nationally as Liberty and Cedarville took over the national market. I wrote that the right-wing schools had to get over the fixations with music styles, Bible versions, affiliations/associations, the hyper restrictive dating and dress rules, the lack of academic freedom, the incestuous over-hiring of alumni and over-control by alumni. They had to stop their foolish disparaging of any form of accreditation or their students would leave for more credible institutions. I was right. They refused. Called me a liberal and compromiser. They disparaged my ministry — PCC refused to allow us to recruit faculty from them and the Sword of the Lord magazine did a two-part series trashing my church, me and a conference we hosted.

I wish they had listened. Now it’s too late. As has been the case with many fundamentalists I know, if they can’t control something, they’d prefer to kill it. In their mind, they won by losing. It’s really sad, if not pathetic. I was right. I wish this time I hadn’t been.

I’ll probably write more on this in a few days.  Stay tuned.

What the Abortion Industry Does Not Want You to See

I read an interesting blog article today HERE.  Sadly, many people who are “pro-choice/abortion” really do not know the barbarism that is a legal medical abortion.  I challenge you to read how one person responded when faced with the facts.

More importantly, let me show you some images below.

The first is a diagram of what occurs during an abortion.  It is quite horrifying.  But it just a drawing, correct?  I mean, it’s not REALLY a baby and it really is THAT violent, right?  For that reason, there is a second photo.  A photo of a child post-abortion.  Tell me this is not a child.  Tell me that this little person should have no rights.  Tell me that this infanticidal procedure should be constitutionally protected.  Tell me that this is morally acceptable.  If you are intellectually honest and morally just, you can’t.  You. Simply. Can. Not.


Keep in mind when viewing this next photo that this baby is not yet 23 weeks old as show in the procedure above.  Yet, it is still clearly a baby.


Now here’s one final photograph.  You might argue, that what you saw above is not really a human because it’s not viable.  Not viable, you say?  Look below at the little one who was delivered just prior to 23 weeks of gestation.


If these photos offended you, good.  They should.  This is reality.  The truth is ugly.  These photos are important to see just like the photos of bodies stacked at Auschwitz were important.  It is a snapshot of our humanity — or lack of it.  If you were pro-abortion and they offend you, then perhaps there is hope that you might compassionately change your mind.

If not, go back and look at these pictures again and then go take a long look at yourself in the mirror.  Surely, you can see this for yourself.  This is a child.  He or she deserves a chance.

Then promise yourself that if you should ever be in the position that you have an unplanned pregnancy, that you would do the compassionate and loving thing — like the birthmothers of our four children did — let the baby come to term and deliver him or her.  Then let a young couple, who longs to raise a child as their own, take on that responsibility for you.  Should you do that, they will forever be grateful to you.  I know that.  Personally.  For sure.

Choose Life.  You will NEVER regret it.

In the words of the kindly children’s author, Dr. Suess — A person’s a person….no matter how small.

Support LIFE and Contact Governor McCrory


My “activist” days are mostly behind me, but sometimes I feel compelled to use whatever little influence I have on an issue of importance. North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory is taking a POUNDING in the press as he and the Republican majority in the NC legislature have been doing something rare for Republicans — actually governing like they are in the majority. Too often Republicans have been so worried about the media and polls that they don’t do what they’ve been elected to do.

Last week, the legislature sent an IMPORTANT bill that moves us closer to protecting the rights of the unborn. This bill has simple, no-brain-required provisions like requiring abortion clinics to have the same safety standards you would have if you were at the dentist or getting plastic surgery in an office. This is a GOOD bill — it doesn’t go nearly far enough, but it is a step in the right direction. The radical pro-abortion lobby is going nuts. We’ve had enough stories of women dying at the hands of genocidal maniacs like Kermit Gosnell who murdered babies in a clinic that wouldn’t have met standards for piercing ears, let alone performing surgery.

McCrory is a decent man, but he can sometimes waffle on important issue, like many politicians. Frankly, he’s gone a little “Wobbly” on whether or not he’s going to sign this bill. The media, radical feminists, Democrat leftists and others are applying huge pressure on him. We need to push back. I’m asking my FB friends to contact him in as many ways as you can. Let him know that we want him to “Sign the Abortion Bill”. As simple as that. You can email him, call him, message him on Twitter and contact him through facebook. Also…PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THIS ON YOUR WALL. FYI, Gov. McCrory is a young man and is likely to run for other offices including national offices, so even if you don’t live in NC, let your voice be heard.

Here’s the contact info: and/or
Phone:(919) 814-2000
Twitter: @PatMcCroryNC

It is fine to contact the governor through ALL FOUR channels. Always be polite, positive and don’t make silly threats like “I’ll never vote…blah, blah, blah.” Just say “Please sign the bill on Abortion passed by the legislature.” Simple as that. Thanks in advance for helping protect the lives of the unborn and the women involved.

Ben Carson and the Intolerance of the Radical Left

Dr. Ben Carson, world-renown African-American Pediatric Neurologist Surgeon and Professor at Johns Hopkins University is the latest victim of radical leftist fascism.  Read about what happened HERE.

This just reminds us that liberals have no interest in “Free Speech” in spite of their rhetoric. They only want “approved speech”. Don’t burden their straw houses of thought and their extremist agenda with counter arguments or other perspectives. “Tolerance” is only a demand they hurl at their enemies which is code, for “Shut Up if you disagree.” These people are far more hateful, narrow-minded, fascist and tyrannical than the imaginary caricatures they create for enemies. What is sadder still is that uniformed and uneducated low information people are just letting them destroy legitimate dialogue for fear that someone might call them “intolerant” or “bigoted” or some other 2-cent epithet that perverts that historic lexicon of civilization. Political correctness is destroying our character, our morality, our intellectual integrity and our Liberty. Orwell predicted all of this — and yet, most people have never read 1984 or Animal Farm. We will be damned by our laziness and lack of courage.

Perhaps THIS professor or THIS one would pass the political perspective of Johns Hopkins liberals.

The Auschwitz in Philadelphia…

abortion.jpgIf there was ever a death penalty case — this is it, right here. (<– Click on the link to read the article.)  How anyone can support abortion, politicians who support abortion, medical practices who recommend abortion, gynecologists who endorse abortion — is just beyond me.  This is intentional, pre-meditated murder and I believe both the medical personnel and the woman carrying the child should be prosecuted.  This “medical assistant” is as guilty as the SS Guard who dropped the acid tablets into the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

And enough of this mamby-pamby attitude toward females who want to get rid of their child — this is cold-blooded murder and they are as culpable as is the doctor.

abortion2.jpgWhiny liberals weeping at abused dogs and clubbed seals while support this genocidal butchery have ZERO credibility.  These are human beings — Defenseless, helpless, innocent babies. — who are being “put down” with less dignity than they’d give an aging Rover.  Anyone who feigns compassion for snail darters and spotted owls and unspayed kitties and doesn’t speak out against abortion is a hypocrite.

Now Is The Time for All Good Men….to stand up and oppose Gun Control

2amendment.jpgThe Gun Control hue is increasing rapidly.

Some are now specifically calling for confiscation.

If you say this can’t happen or it can’t happen quickly– I have one word for you: Obamacare.

They keep saying, “Hunter’s don’t need ‘assault’ rifles.” That’s like saying, “Writer’s don’t need to be able to draw political cartoons.”

That is not the point of the 1st Amendment and hunting is not the point of the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment is not about our right to hunt. It is about our right to protect ourselves from Tyranny. If the 1st Amendment can be construed to protect pornography and lying about your military service awards (both upheld by the SCOTUS), then the 2nd Amendment must be interpreted to protect types of guns that some might find “offensive”.

The NRA needs to step back out of the shadows and get front and center about this NOW. This is not a time for weakness or fear of being unpopular. What if Obama/Holder decide to do by Executive Order what they may not be able to do legislatively with gun control? With each power grab, this President looks more and more like Hugo Chavez and remember, he has been popularly elected by the poor and ignorant over and over again.

Obama is polarizing this country so deeply and quickly that conversations about secession and even the potential for Civil War are now being held in previously polite circles. If the American public thought that what happened on December 14th was a massacre, how much more of a massacre should be expected should they try to take the guns of 60 million determined and ticked-off gun owners by force? But in the words of Rahm Emmanuel, this administration is not going to “waste a good crisis” in order to advance their agenda at the expense of our liberties. They keep drawing the line deeper, clearer and more deeply on OUR side of the Constitution. These are dangerous days of shocking change. We must be vigilant in educating others.

Never under-estimate the tenacity with which extremist liberals and socialists and their media machine are prepared to exercise their power in order to get their way.

Robert Bork – the Lost Soldier of Conservative Jurisprudence

The family of Judge Robert Bork released news of his death this morning.  Bork was an intellectual giant and would have arguably been one of the greatest Supreme Court Justices in American history.   But like a promiseing military officer cut down in an early battle of a long war, Bork was never allowed to display his brilliance.  It is widely thought that his intellect would have even over-shadowed the current reputation of Antonin Scalia who is often regarded as the conservative “heavy” on the court. One of the greatest travesties of the 20th century was the hatchet job that Teddy Kennedy did on the brilliant Bork.  So vile was the attack, a new verb 0bork.jpgwas coined to describe an unfair political assault on an individual – “borking”.  (In March 2002, the Oxford English Dictionary added an entry for the verb Bork as U.S. political slang, with this definition: “To defame or vilify (a person) systematically, esp. in the mass media, usually with the aim of preventing his or her appointment to public office; to obstruct or thwart (a person) in this way.)

The unusually partisan battle over his nomination plagues nominees to this day as character assassination and political one-upmanship are now modus operendi — particularly for conservative nominees.  Feminist Florence Kennedy used the term “borking” to describe what she was attempting to do when Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Court.  Another legacy of this political assassination has been that anyone nominated to the Supreme Court from that day to this one, know better than to clearly state his/her opinions or philosophy during the confirmation hearings.  Today’s nominees must be nearly stealth candidates who know how to hide their records and their opinions until they are sworn in. 

Ronald Reagan nominated Anthony Kennedy after Bork was voted down (he refused to withdraw his name even when he knew he would be defeated as a show of defiance to what was happening) rather than to choose another strong conservative.  To this day, Kennedy is a squishy conservative at best, often playing the role of deciding vote on many cases. 

Bork would later write a book in 2003 entitled, “Slouching Toward Gomorrah” which was prophetic tome that remains a must read for thinking conservatives in my opinion. 

America is poorer today because he never served on the Supreme Court and sadly, while the immoral Kennedy was celebrated as a hero upon his death, few will genuinely reflect on what might have been now that Bork has passed.

The Hypocrisy that is “Pro-Choice”

You simply HAVE to take a minute and watch these interviews from the recent Democrat National Convention held in my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.  The issue of Abortion is a very important and very personal issue for me and I frankly do not care if someone is offended by my discussion of it from any angle.  This video shows you the lack of intellectual integrity the “pro-choicers” have when it comes to the slaughter of innocent children in their mother’s womb.  It would be humorous were we not talking about racist, xenophobic genocide.

View it HERE.

It’s Not Just Adultery…..Jack Schaap and the latest IFB Tragedy

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately.  I’ll be returning soon enough.  Life’s busy.  Facebook often scratches my itch to “rant”.  I’m in a position now where I must measure my words a bit more carefully than I have done in the past. 

All that said, yet ANOTHER “big name” IFB (the group of my past where I got my start many moons ago and have long since left) “star” has been revealed to be a sexual predator.  In recent years, I have reached a conclusion about which I will someday right that links extremist religious sects of every stripe — from Mormons to Baptists to Muslims to Catholics — to some common characteristics including the degradation and low view of women, an obsession with power and control and a perverted — often predatory, view of sex.  The anecdotal evidence is just over-whelming.  Jack Schaap, the Senior Pastor of the largest IFB church in the country, was recently fired by the church deacon board of First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN for having an affair with a 16-year old kid in his church.  I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not.  All one had to do was read transcripts or watch you tube videos of his sermons and you would see an incredibly twisted and perverse view of sexuality that should have made reasonable people walk out of that church in droves.  Sadly, like frogs in hot water, most had become acclimated to the perversity and verbal abuse that is part of much of that movement.  Immediately, spin began in certain circles, trying to make it less appalling.  For thinking people, it hasn’t worked.

Lifeway Publications, Ed Setzer wrote an excellent article about the whole topic.  It completely nailed much of what I’ve been thinking.  I recommend that you take a minute and read it.  You’ll find it HERE.