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Vacation in Beautiful Lake Lure, North Carolina

front.jpgHave you put off booking a place for a lovely North Carolina mountain vacation near a beautiful lake?  Well here’s your chance!  Rent our home in gorgeous Lake Lure, NC just 5 minutes from the Lake Lure beach, marina, swimming pools, lazy river, fitness center, volleyball courts, tennis, horseshoes, mini-golf, restaurants, championship golf, hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, zip-lines and more.  In less than an hour, you can be at Biltmore Estates, riding the Blue Ridge Parkway, shopping, dining and exploring Asheville.  This is NOT a cabin, but a fully-equipped home with internet, satellite TV, pingpong, foosball and other games, waterview, master suite lake-lure.jpgwith King-size bed, enough room for a large family and a private setting with tons of wildlife around.  You can enjoy this entire 3 bedroom house, save money cooking at home, control your schedule and all at about the cost of a local hotel room.

For pictures, availability and rental information, click on THIS link.

Note: While this is our private home, it is under the management of a rental agency and all reservations MUST be made through them.

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Exposing More Post-Modern, Evangelical “Rock Star” Nonsense

No one calls mushy-thinking, postmodern, “rock-star”, church-growth-movement gurus to account better than Grace-to-You (John MacArthur) Director, Phil Johnson. Perry Noble is in our back yard (for you Charlotteans) and the more I read about the “goings on” in his work, the more disturbed I get. This recent posting at “Pyromaniacs” is another salvo that exposes the charade.

Read it HERE.

The Case for an Alcohol-Free Life

One of the loudest arguments in some circles of evangelical Christianity is over the use of or abstinence from alcohol — from wine to beer to harder stuff.  I am a lifelong teetotaler by conviction.  I do not make a huge deal of it with people outside of my family unless I’m operating in my role as a spiritual leader (father, pastor, seminary professor, etc….).  My sweet wife can tell you horror stories of what it was like to grow up in the home of an alcoholic.  I can tell you of stories too countless to number where people had their lives DESTROYED by alcohol — from losing children to a drunk driver, being made orphans by drunk drivers, to having their health destroyed, to committing unspeakable acts of mayhem, immorality or careless while under the influence of alcohol.

Everyday, my family personally has to deal with the horrific consequences that alcohol can have on someone totally innocent and without choice in the matter in a situation that is too personal for the internet.

Simply put — while I can’t make an air-tight theological case against ever taking a drink, I say it is unnecessary and dangerous to do so — for Christians and non-Christians alike.  If that makes me a narrow-minded, legalistic, fundamentalist — then I can live with that and you won’t be the first person to have called me that anyway.   (A liberal is often someone who has lower standards of behavior than you and a legalist/fundamentalist is often someone who has higher standards of behavior/conduct than you in today’s twisted label-slinging theological world.)

Southern Baptist Convention President, Danny Akin has a strong essay on the topic on his blog right now.  He makes a strong and personal case for the “alcohol abstinence” position.  I’d urge you to read it HERE.

I’m not going to get all embroiled in huge debates about the topic.  It’s not a test of “fellowship” with me.  I just find it foolish (even childish) for mature believers to be crossing this line as if it is some sort of exercise in “Christian Liberty” without assuming the responsibility for the consequences that come with this decision has on one’s self and others.

A Witness to a Crime becomes Pro-Life

abortion1.jpgIf everyone could see for themselves what goes on in the holocaust mills of America’s abortion INDUSTRY, millions more would suddenly realize that what they are observing is cold-blooded murder of a real human life. This is exactly why America’s abortion mills are under-regulated, shrouded in political protection and evidence of the violence committed in them is censored for the American public. We’ll publicize the beating of baby seals or the slaughter of chickens as barbaric, but no one dares show the dismemberment and atrocities of a human abortion.

Read about it HERE.

To Those Who Teach or Administrate in Christian Schools

The issues of “rules” in a Christian day school setting have been discussed for many years.  Now with a full generation or more of “products” since the great explosion of evangelical Christian day schools hit our country in the 70′s and 80′s, many are being forced to admit that most of us would not want to attend the reunions of our graduating classes as we’d feel horrifically out of place.  In other words, the “rules” really didn’t make that much of a difference.

Mike Durning has written a thought-provoking article for those who still think that “rules” and “standards” help produce good Christians.  When I first began raising similar questions nearly twenty years ago, I was considered a renegade and a “liberal”.  Mike does a great job of making his case and if you are part of a school that seems to be “rules-oriented”, may I suggest you read his essay and follow the ones that will be released over the next few days.

You can find it HERE.

Well Said by a South Florida Pastor

As one who has personally experienced the challenges of being called to be the pastor of a high profile church in a major metropolitan area which was founded by someone who had become an icon, I have empathized with what the new pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale (Just a few minutes from where we know live.) is experiencing.  Local residents and some nationally are aware that the family of the founding pastor has risen up against his leadership early in his ministry there.  (Let me pause here to say that was NEVER the case with the church I pastored — in fact, quite the opposite was true and I was blessed by that family.)  To address the controversy, the pastor has written an op-ed piece for the local paper and I think he has done much to rise above the testimony damaging conflict with his honesty and transparency.  If you are interested, you can find the link HERE.

On Cussing Preachers and Pulpit Sex Talks

I’ve weighed in on some of the trends of some of the young emergent pastors and their penchant for thinking that relevancy requires shock therapy, identification with the world and a lack of reverence.  I came across a blog article by Greg Laurie (hardly an example of irrelevant, Bible-thumping militancy) that says what I was thinking better than I probably could have said it.  Take a few moments and read it HERE.

Helping Student’s “Get It”

A couple of weeks ago, I put a link here to the first part of an important essay by John Stonestreet on why today’s student doesn’t seem to be “getting it” when it comes to a Biblical Worldview.  If you missed it, click HERE to go back and read it.

John has now posted the second part of his essay and there is some powerful truth in it that I think is worthy of the few minutes it will require of you to read it.  You find it HERE.